Arham Fulfagar Explains What Made Him Write His New Single, ‘Hope this song finds you’

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Arham Fulfagar spoke to us about his expectations, worries and motives behind his latest track, ‘Hope this song finds you.’

Arham Fulfagar lured in a devoted flock of listeners owing to the mellifluence that one can expect from his music. Within a short span of time, the artist has racked up nearly a dozen singles that distinctly summarize his storytelling, which sits amidst dulcet music production and a unique cantor. ‘Kabootar,’ ‘September,’ ‘Kaisi Ho,’ and more, continue to awe Arham’s listeners as he marks his eleventh track with ‘Hope this song finds you.’

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“It was a song that came into existence exactly when it was needed to,” Arham notes as he explains how ‘Hope this song finds you’ came into being. “I was sitting in my room looking at the ceiling, feeling lost and all alone. That’s when I felt as if something was trying to tell me that it sees me and that the sadness passes away. Maybe it was the universe or simply my subconscious, the timing was perfect.”

With a simplistic vision of writing what he would want to hear to make him feel better, Arham penned the track, clutching onto the hope that it would uplift and relate to others who listened to it. “I felt heard and I wanted people to feel heard. Every time this song helps anyone, it helps me just as much,” he said, following the heartfelt responses he was engulfed with, knowing ‘Hope this song finds you’ struck a chord with the listeners just as he had desired.

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Jumping onto his next project with ‘Hope this song finds you’, which was quite different from its predecessor ‘Kabootar,’ had Arham face a creative conundrum. Released in January 2023, ‘Kabootar’ took the internet by storm, garnering over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone and trending on Instagram music.

He unspooled his introspections on landing on the decision to follow up with ‘Hope this song finds you’, saying, “The thought of letting my fans down used to make me wonder if it was the right decision to release this completely different song from what I’d released right before that. But soon I realized, I can never satisfy every human being, but I can always listen to my heart. I wanted to put it out and I was ultimately excited about it because it was what I really wanted to do.”

The accolades Arham received for his music also led him to perform a string of live shows across India. From gracing major music festivals like SteppinOut Indie Fest, Carnival, Zomaland, Majuli-Music-Festival, Arham also entertained close-knit groups of listeners at clubs and communities such as Antisocial, Motojojo, Kommune, Sofar Sounds, and more.

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While he has independently allured thousands of attendees to his shows, he has also shared stages with the likes of Lucky Ali, Vir Das and Osho Jain. “It’s almost unbelievable yet believable at the same time because I do feel like I deserve this,” Arham proclaims, reminiscing about the vehemence of his achievement. “Of course, there are times when I feel like I don’t deserve it. But no one is ever truly going to know how badly I’ve wanted to do this and how many tears I’ve cried for this, which is also what drives me to follow this dream that I see every day.”

While he continues to perform across India, Arham plans to release more songs, eventually hatching his debut EP and album. “I’m sitting on a bank of songs I’ve written both in English as well as Hindi. Plus, I’m working on making a band for myself that I can perform with at bigger shows and festivals. I’m also looking forward to a bunch of collaboration projects with my incredibly talented friends and other artists.”

Listen to ‘Hope this song finds you’ by Arham Fulfagar: HERE

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