Mohit Mukhi Shares New Single ‘So If You’re Are Gone?’

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Mohit Mukhi releases his new single, ‘So If You’re Gone?’ a nearly five-minute offering that, according to the artist, “captures the unease in the wake of unresolved love.”

‘So If You’re Gone?’ is a dreamy soft rock and pop-esque musical saga captured by Mukhi’s resonant voice, woven together with gentle guitar strumming, delicate key parts, and steady drum action. Two minutes in, the artist plugs in a soothing soundscape of tasteful guitar segments that showcase Mukhi’s prowess as a guitarist. “The song was born while I was sitting on the terrace of my building. It’s something I do very frequently after work at night. I’m either listening to some music, an audiobook or just trying to clear my head and see if something comes through,” says Mohit.

Speaking about the single, Mohit shares, “Some stories never really resolve. ‘So If You’re Gone?’ captures the unease in the wake of unresolved love. The lyrics talk about spaces that are tinged with absence, but the mind refuses to fill them up or forget. The songwriting captures the movement of reminding the heart that they are truly gone when they have left and crushing the hope it builds up every time.”

We hit up the songwriter to get into the mind of Mohit Mukhi and find out a bit more about the latest single and Muhki’s songwriting process. He tells us, “It obviously started with the intention to express myself about something that was very personal to me. I believe ‘So If You’re Gone?’ is quite suggestive in terms of what it’s trying to say. So on one of the nights while I was sitting on my terrace, the chorus just presented itself – “So if you’re gone, why don’t you leave?” That got me really excited as it’s saying so much without really saying much, and when moments like this present themselves it’s quite satisfying. From then on I think the direction on how to approach the verses and later the solo and bridge started to unfold quite naturally.”

The process of composing this track took Muhki and his co-producer, Soutrik Chakraborty, almost eight weeks, from recording the demo to mastering the final version. The guitarist describes the process as “long, but a lot of fun too,” remarking, “The song came with a varied set of emotions while I was making it. There were moments of joy, fulfillment, sadness, tears, the works! It helped me heal certain parts of my life and brought me comfort, almost like a balm, and I’m grateful for it! If it can do the same or any of it for someone else, it would be amazing!”

Listen to ‘So If You’re Gone?’ by Mohit Mukhi: HERE

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