How To Leverage Event Themes Into A Cohesive Marketing Strategy

Music events are fun, creative, and exciting. They instill a unique, one-of-a-kind experience in the attendees. What better way to upgrade an event by making up a theme for it to make it even more special? 

Coming up with a theme creates an exciting and unique atmosphere around your music event which is appealing to prospective attendees everywhere. A themed event is memorable and meaningful for everyone involved and most of the events that you plan will require a certain theme or running idea that pulls the event together. This is what appeals to prospective attendees because everyone is always chasing after something special to create memories that last for them.

When you’re planning your next themed music event, make sure to keep certain things in mind because a successful campaign and event requires a cohesive strategy that echoes the theme of the event. 

Here are five essential things that you should keep in mind when planning your next themed music event.

1. Come up with a cohesive and meaningful theme for your music event

The first thing that you should do is brainstorm possible ideas for the theme of your event. Simple. But what you want to really do is brainstorm possible themes that establish meaning and cohesion. You want the theme of your event to make sense and not something that just came out of nowhere.

People appreciate ideas that hold proper meaning that makes sense to our environment, aesthetics, or values. A theme should be a connecting undercurrent that ties your activities, sponsors, related merchandise or products, and artists together under your event. Doing so creates a complex experience for your attendees and the event in general. 

2. Center your marketing around your theme to establish continuity

When you’re ready to begin creating your marketing plan, keep in mind your theme in order to establish continuity throughout the whole marketing campaign. You want your marketing campaign to reflect the theme of your event to your audience because the theme could be your finest selling point. People are always chasing after a unique and one-of-a-kind experience that they can’t get anywhere else.

Building up your marketing campaign around the event theme not only establishes transparency with your audience but it also projects to your audience a unique experience that they need to be a part of. You want your campaign to build up the event and its theme to generate the response and excitement that you want.

Another way to maintain continuity is to have the event theme and design visible everywhere, even on your ticketing page. Ticket Fairy allows you to customize the background and heading of your event page so you can stay consistent with the visual design of the event. Here’s what it would look like:

Example of planning a themed event

3. Consider your artist, entertainment, and prospective attendees

The central aspect of your themed music event that you should pay special attention to is your prospective attendees, artists, and related selling points like event merchandise. Make sure that the artists that are performing, the entertainment, and the event merchandise echo the theme of the event.

The artist and entertainment should embody the theme of your event and their presence should matter to the theme and the prospective attendees. It makes the event that much more meaningful and memorable to everyone involved. So make sure that when you’re booking your entertainment and creating related activities and merchandise you keep your event theme in mind because it ties everything together. 

4. Coordinate the event to the theme

This fourth point echoes the prior points–you want to make sure to coordinate all aspects of the event to the theme. Coordinating the event to the theme creates cohesion and an atmosphere that is unique to the event alone. This generates excitement amongst your attendees during the event.

Think about how your event venue looks. Think about the unique activities that you can set up on the day of the event. For example, merchandise, simple photo booths, and event set-up could all be easily catered to the specific theme of the event. Make sure it exemplifies the theme and adds to the unique experience that attendees want.

5. Utilize a social media campaign to generate excitement

Your social media campaign should incite enthusiasm and buzz and is the perfect platform to market your themed event. Think about creative ways to appeal to your audience on social media and using your theme is perfect. It communicates something that is unique, interesting, and fresh.

For example, brainstorm taglines and phrases that you can use as hashtags to trend on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. It’s also a great way to create a second life for your event even after it ends. Social media campaigns gather interest fast and are a simple and effective way to generate excitement around a special event.

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Building theme events can be quite tedious at times, but given the right organizational structure, they can be some of the most fun events to pull off! When you know it’s the right event, make it as special as you can!

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