Knowing The Nuances Of Venue Booking: How An Artist’s History With A Community Impacts An Event’s Success

The process of planning a music event or festival requires that every step your team takes is intentional and well-executed. The combination of strong marketing with intelligent social media and ground campaigning will bring the exposure and attention that you want a music event or festival to garner. In part, one of the most important elements of your event is the artist and the venue that you choose. Choosing the right artists for the right venues ensures that your music event will draw an excited and positive response from your eventgoers. When you go through the process of selecting the venues for your artists, you have to distinguish what venues will complement and enhance the artist and vice versa. The perfect combination of the right artist and the right venue will create the perfect vibes for your attendees. 

So as event planners, you have to think about the logistics behind the venue and how it will be the best venue for your artist to perform at. The wrong artists at the wrong venues could ultimately create a confusing experience for your attendees. Ultimately, there is a difference between the artists that perform at large music festivals and the artists that perform at smaller clubs. There is value in taking your time to scout out a list of artists for you and your team to take a look at and choose which is the best fit for your event. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you go booking artists for your specific venues. 

Think about the artist and their music

This might be obvious but just sitting down and thinking about artists and their music can be conducive to getting the right artists for your specific venue. When you’re brainstorming artists, make a list, diagram, or graphic–whichever helps you during your process–and clearly identify their genre of music, style, brand image, and anything else that is helpful in making your decision. Some things that you should factor in when thinking about possible artists to perform at your chosen venue:

Image of artist performing on stage for artists for the right venues
  1. Consider your venue. Does the artist fit a vibrant, exciting festival or a lowkey, smaller club? What works for one venue might not work for the other because of the way venues are. A festival or large clubhouse is meant to be full of spirited energy and vitality and the artist should match that vibrancy. On the other hand, a smaller venue such as a small club is more relaxed and laid back. Considering the ambiance of your venue will allow you to choose the right artist for that specific music event. You can gauge what size venue you need by setting up event pre-registration, so you have a rough count of how many people are interested in attending the event. This option is available through Ticket Fairy. Pre-registration can also help you decide if you need to add more artists to the bill and make it a bigger night.
  2. Think about brand image. You want to book an artist that echoes not only your venue but your brand image as well. Satisfying this priority allows you to easily find an artist because you’re attempting to identify something that compels you and your brand. Have the artist you choose for the venue be reflective of your goals for the event and your marketing tactics as well. An artist that fits not only your venue but your brand as well will help you achieve your event goals. 
  3. Will your targeted audience be excited about the artist performing at the venue? Center your targeted audience when choosing an artist to perform because your targeted audience are potential eventgoers. Collect data through pixels and familiarize yourself with your audience demographics. For example, what are 20-35-year-old people listening to? What artists and genres are popular amongst their age group? Researching your target audience will help you not only prepare your venue and artist, but it will also contribute to tailoring your marketing to your audience as well.

How choosing the right artists for the right venues benefit you

Having the right artists perform at the right venues will heighten and intensify the vibes and ambiance of the music event, which gives your eventgoers the experience that they are looking for. When your attendees are happy with the event, things run smoother and your event goals are accomplished. As an event planner, picking venues and artists to perform at the venues take careful deliberation. But when it all comes together successfully, you have pulled off a  memorable music event or festival in the minds of your attendees, the artists performing, and yourself as well.

Additionally, when you have an artist that complements your venue, it’s so much easier to figure out ways to market the music event. You are able to build up more enthusiasm around your event and artist. For example, if it’s a large festival divided into sets or sessions, artists from pop, EDM, and hip-hop genres match the ambiance perfectly. Marketing the music event on social media and other mediums comes easier and building up the momentum for the event stays consistent.

Choosing the right artists to perform at your venues will affect everything. Your prospective attendees will be more excited and ticket sales will go up and you and your team are better prepared to take on tasks. Remember that your artists should always reflect the venue. The two features of the music event should work together to create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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