5 Technological Innovations That Will Create A Better Experience At Your Event

Managing your music events and festivals means paying attention to how relevant information is circulated to not only your attendees but the behind-the-scenes team as well. What goes behind managing events requires careful and meticulous planning in addition to preparing for a multitude of tasks that are often demanding. The good news is that technology has transformed the industry of event management, allowing event planners the ability to plan and manage music events and festivals seamlessly and communicate efficiently with other industry people when necessary. For eventgoers and attendees, this ultimately creates better experiences at live events through technology.

New innovations in event management technology have transformed the way music event planners work, oftentimes aiding their teams through productive planning and strategizing stages. Especially for larger music events and festivals, various tools such as specific event management apps and websites are a boon in the early planning stages and throughout the process well into the day of the music event or festival. Having various tools on hand decreases the likelihood of confusion, misinformation, and frustration–event managers and planners of large music events and festivals see the positive impact that technology has on improving the way event management is handled.

With the tasks that come along with managing a music event or festival, taking advantage of the technology that is available proves to be a game-changer in event management. Event planners see definite changes and improvements in the way planning music events and festivals unravel.

What are some examples of event management technology?

There are so many neat and useful event management tools out there and it’s overwhelming to sift through figuring out what can be used when planning a music event and festival. You might not know what is available out there, especially when you’re diving in for the first time, but what you can imagine probably exists. Here are just a few examples of what music event and festival planners use technology for:

Photo of laptop opened to event planning calendar for creating better live events through technology
  • Email marketing tools
  • Social media apps
  • Live streaming tools
  • Event management apps
  • Event registration software

The list of event management tools is growing as technology is readily used by more event planners and managers. Many people are beginning to also see that event management technology is transforming not only the way music events and festivals are organized and managed but it is also creating better experiences at live music events and festivals for attendees by making registration and receiving information easier.

What technology does for the future of event management and attendees

There are a number of reasons why technology is uprooting and impacting the future of music event and festival planning. Here are just a few!

1. Communication is seamless

With event managing technology, communication becomes clearer and more seamless. As event planners, communication with your team is important to the success of your planning stages and music event or festival. Event managing technology ensures that your whole team will be on the same page (literally). For example, when working through an event management app you and your team will be able to access the same pages and plans. Additionally, collaboration becomes so much easier when the whole team can access the same pages through the app and make any changes necessary.

2. Event planning becomes more synchronized and organized

Riding off the prior point, event planning becomes more synchronized and organized through various event managing tools. As mentioned, you and your team will be able to have access to the very same plans as everyone else. This allows you to be more synchronized as a team and upload information easily to the apps that you use. Organization also comes naturally when using these event managing tools. Various plans and pages of work are automatically filed through the apps you use, allowing you to easily find the things you need. Meetings also become smoother when everyone has access to the same information, which improves productivity.

3. Marketing tools make marketing easier

Marketing technology will make marketing your music event and festival infinitely easier. For example, there are email marketing tools that allow you to communicate effortlessly with your targeted audience and personalize it as well. When marketing to your target audiences, personalization is key to getting their attention which turns them into your event and festival attendees. Marketing tools personalize and deliver the messages that you want to be transported to your target audience and improve your connection with them as well. Additionally, you will be able to easily run marketing analytics to get you the data you need in order to optimize your reach and secure your ticket sales. With marketing tools available for use, you and your team are able to flesh out a solid marketing plan that will ensure you get attendees coming to your music events and festivals.

4. Your outreach will expand

Technology allows you an endless network of communication while also expanding your outreach. Social media apps are networking tools that allow you to build a brand and an audience that benefits the music events and festivals you plan. Building a brand and audience ensures important information will be received and transformed into positive traffic and attention to the music events and festivals that you plan. Communication on social media and other tools will allow your outreach to expand globally, reaching entirely new audiences and potential attendees.

5. Technology can transform experiences at music events or festivals

Additionally, technology can be used to transform attendee experience at music events and festivals. For example, live streaming and event virtual spaces are gaining more attention from music eventgoers. As the world is getting used to the habits developed from the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantines, people are becoming more interested in hybrid events. Turning your live event into a hybrid event will allow you to reach out to a second audience which is always a good thing. Your audiences will be satisfied and additionally, you will be able to accommodate the people who never thought that they could attend live music events in person. 

Technology is creating a wave in the music event and festival planning industry. Event management tools are proving to be the way of the future, bringing better event planning to the hands of event planners.

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