How Referral Programs Are An Essential Tool For Event Promotions

Marketing your events, music events, or festivals entails that you understand the values and expectations of your target audiences. A large part of marketing your events stems from creating relatable content. This means utilizing certain marketing tactics to market your event ticketing pages to your target audiences. You want to identify what interests them and compels them to attend a music event. What experiences are they trying to connect with? What are their expectations and what people or artists do they want to see? You have to figure out what values, aesthetics, or people influence your audiences to visit your event ticketing page and purchase a ticket.

At times, people—influencers—are the best part of your marketing plan. Having an influencer promote your event ticketing page will in turn leverage your event program or agenda. Influencers hold a large amount of power over social media with a massive base of followers. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok produce famous people who are able to sway trends, make certain activities popular, and influence their followers. By partnering with social media influencers, you are able to bring more attention to your music event and event ticketing page. 

Besides clever marketing strategies, many people hear about music events or festivals by word of mouth. Specifically, people hear about these events through friends, coworkers, and most importantly, social media influencers. We live in an age where social media is our immediate and strongest source of news and information. And through our heavy social media use, social media stars are born. People follow social media influencers for the most exciting news and trends. Using your influencer partnership–referral programs–to leverage your music event program is a smart way of entering specific markets and attracting a new audience demographic.

What referral programs and influencer partnerships help with

Having influencers promote your music events and festivals helps boost ticket sales and bring attention to your event. It’s a great way to show your target audiences a relatable aspect of your event which has a lot of impact on their choice to purchase a ticket and attend the event. Here are a couple of things that influencer partnerships could do for your music event or festival.

1. Ticket Fairy’s referral program

Don’t you think it would be incredible if word about your event spread organically? Here’s one unique advantage of ticketing with Ticket Fairy. After a ticket buyer purchases a ticket on Ticket Fairy, they are led to a page that allows users to copy a unique promotion link and share the event on their social media. You can see what the page and link looks like here, and we’ll explain to you right after:

If ticket buyers invite friends to get tickets using their unique link or social media share option here, their ticket becomes cheaper or even free depending on how many people buy a ticket. The slabs for these can be set up by you while setting up an event, but the example is what is recommended by the platform. When ticket buyers see this, they are enticed to share the event link on their pages without asking them to do it, and they end up automatically promoting the event to an audience that is likely to attend the event – friends and followers with similar interests.

You wonder how this affects the event’s revenue? According to statistics, we averagely see an increase in ticketing revenue by 20-30%. The amount of money refunded, however, never crosses 1% of the event’s total revenue. So even at a minimized spend, you’ve effectively increased your revenue and reached out to the most legitimate audience.

2. Influencer partnerships help boost ticket sales

As mentioned before, partnering with influencers helps boost ticket sales dramatically. People look to influencers to find out what is new and fresh. People want to experience something unique and trendy and influencers are the best people to look at for that. Having influencer partnerships bring attention to your music events and festivals and through marketing tactics and a strong social media campaign, your audience will be looking for tickets to attend a new event that their favorite influencers mentioned on their social media post. Social media influencers undoubtedly drive traffic to whatever they find new and interesting and this could impact your event outcome.

Illustration of person in instagram post panel to show how to leverage a music event program

3. They help you target particular audiences 

When you partner with a specific social media influencer, they bring a particular audience demographic to your music event or festival. For example, if you partner with a social media influencer that is popular amongst the older Gen-Z audience on social media, you are able to pull in a definite audience demographic. You can then create a marketing plan and social media campaign that caters to the values, interests, and aesthetics that is popular with that specific audience. With your marketing tailored to a specific audience, you can ensure a certain amount of excitement and attention for your music event or festival. It also helps you better plan for specific activities at the event, set-up, and other creative aspects of your event. 

4. Your event looks fun and exciting

Social media influencers will bring a level of fun and excitement to your music events or festivals. It makes your event look fresh and interesting to your target audience. You want to be able to draw up enthusiasm for your events and influencers are able to bring that level of enthusiasm with them through social media mentions, posts, and stories. It also projects to your audience a “fear of missing out” (FOMO). People are drawn to activities and events that produce once-in-a-lifetime experiences and with that desire and motivation, they’ll more likely purchase a ticket to attend your event or festival.

What you can plan for

Here are a couple of things that you can plan for to maximize the reach of your influencer partnerships.

  • Plan a social media campaign that focuses on influencer partnerships
  • Have them make social media posts about the event
  • Make sure that they have the necessary tools and information

Partnerships with social media influencers allow you to leverage your music event and festival and by extension your event ticketing page. These partnerships help bring attention to your event, increase your ticket revenues, and attract specific audience demographics to your event.

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