5 Essential Pre-Event Digital Strategies Guaranteed To Engage Your Audience

Music events and festivals are created for a mass audience to enjoy so it goes to say that actively engaging your audience is central to the success of your event. As music event planners, your target audience(s) is always the focus of your plan and strategy. When you begin marketing the event to your target audience, the content they see will be tailored to their values and expectations. This is when a social media campaign is useful. As part of a comprehensive music event marketing plan, creating a social media campaign will allow you to strategically tailor your social media content to your target audience’s values and expectations. In this stage, the content you create should engage your target audience which will boost traffic to your event ticketing page and create excitement around your music event.

Creating engaging content tailored towards your target audiences before your event will impact the music event itself. When your target audience is engaged with the content that you and your team produce, they are consuming the content in a way that will hopefully influence them to act on their interests. The content that they see and engage with should compel them to look into the event, visit the event ticketing page, and even purchase a ticket. Successful content will produce this response within your audience and create a positive experience for them even before attending the event.  

Here are a few ways that you can create highly engaging content that will compel your audience to act.

1. Create original and relatable content that is compelling

When you’re creating content for your social media campaign, you want to make sure that it’s original, fresh, and relatable. Think about the most attractive aspects of your music event or festival–the venue, line-up, and unique features that only your music event could produce–and build your social media content around that. For example, let’s say your venue is outdoors. Take this specific aspect and produce multimedia content around it. Show your target audience a story, an experience, that attending this particular event can only produce. 

Producing content this way allows you to build up a comprehensive and successful social media campaign that hooks your target audience in. Run with the unique details of your music event and center your content around that. It will work to attract attention to your event and build a growing audience response. 

2. Utilize attractive visuals

Visuals are always successful in hooking your target audience in. You should always set space aside to spend time on producing compelling and gorgeous visuals. Whether they be actual photography or creative illustrations, you want to spend considerable thought and time on your visuals. You want your visuals to communicate the most important elements of your event. The visuals should ultimately communicate and enhance the themes and aesthetic around your event. 

Having a strong visual element also makes it easy to share content on social media and other various online media outlets. They act as as impression on your target audiences and allow you to build a strong base for the rest of your marketing plan and social media campaign. So make sure that your visuals are strong, attractive, and eye-catching.

It’s also important to make sure you send the audience to your ticketing page as that’s the end goal of the campaign. Customize your event page and make a visual pack that goes with all your promotional content. You can easily customize pages on a platform like Ticket Fairy.

Illustration of social media analytics for engaging your audience for music festivals and events. Image via Aimtell

3. Partner with social media influencers

Choosing to partner with social media influencers allow you to have a wider reach towards your target audience. Social media influencers have a strong hold on what is trending on social media and will get you the attention you want for your event. However, you want to be specific who you choose to partner with, The social media influencer will ultimately represent your brand and the event so you want to do your research and make sure they are aligned with yours and the event’s values and aesthetics. 

Influencer partnerships will bring a large amount of attention to your event so make sure that they have the tools they need to post consistently. Additionally, set-up regular meeting calls with them so both sides understand what is happening and confusion and miscommunication will be avoided. A tip: run through their part of the social media campaign with them so they can feel involved with the larger purpose of the plan and know what the partnership will entail.

4. Engage your audiences by actively including them in the campaign

A great way to engage your audience is by actively including them in the social media campaign itself. This could be through various means such as contests, giveaways, or even sharing posts under a specific hashtag. What better way to engage your audience than actually including them in the events leading up to the event? When you engage your target audience, it demonstrates to them that you’re in turn engaged and not a machine or a bot. It also personalizes the experiences for your target audience which will further influence them to actually purchase a ticket to attend the event.

Additionally, you can also create fun ways to engage with your audience during and after the event. This could mean hashtags, sharing pictures or posts of them attending the event, and event sending in personal stories of their time. 

5. Be consistent in your posts

Last but not least, you want to be consistent is everything that you do and post. Always makes sure that you have a timeline for everything that you do. If you’re posting things on various social media platforms, schedule specific days for each platform. This makes things more cohesive, organized, and manageable. You’re also able to strategically execute each post by resharing specific visuals or content around social media platforms. Consistency ensures that there is life behind your event and will ultimately catch the attention of your target audience.


Through these easy tips, engaging your audience before your music event or festival will be easier to imagine and manage. Audience engagement will determine the outcome of your event so make sure that you’re paying a considerable amount of attention to that aspect of your marketing and social media campaigns. 

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