The Do’s and Don’ts Of A Smooth Artist Meet-And-Greet

Music lovers attend music events and festivals to create long-lasting memories and experience once-in-a-lifetime moments. At the centre of music events and festivals are the performers – the musicians and artists that drive the atmosphere of the music event. Booking a popular artist to perform at your music events and festivals draws a large crowd to your event and traffic to your event ticketing site. The artist and a smart and meticulous marketing plan will boost your ticket revenues, making the event a successful sensation for your team and the music event attendees. Music eventgoers are drawn to these events because they want to create unique experiences and listen to their favorite artists live (or in a hybrid capacity).

One way to make your music event and festival special for your attendees is by organizing a meet-and-greet with artists. Meet-and-greets are a fantastic way to personalize the music event experience for your attendees. They get to enjoy music and have the opportunity to meet the artists performing. It’s a great way to attract your target music audience and can be utilized as a unique marketing tactic. For your next music event or festival, consider organizing a meet-and-greet with artists but before you begin, keep in mind these next few tips to ensure that your meet-and-greets are a great experience for everyone involved. 

1. Organize multiple teams to tackle different tasks

A meet-and-greet is an easy and accessible way to make sure your music events and festivals are interesting and lively to your target audience. But things can go wrong fast when you’re unprepared and lack the manpower behind the meet-and-greet. The first thing you want to do is organize multiple teams and assign them different tasks to tackle. For example, create a floor team to handle and guide the lucky fans throughout the meet-and-greet with artists. The team will be in charge of greeting the eventgoers and guide them where to go in the next stages which ensures your meet-and-greet will run smoothly without confusion. 

2. Reach out to attendees

This could be a job for one of the teams you created for the meet-and-greet! A team could be in charge of reaching out to your music event attendees and contacting them about the opportunity for the meet-and-greet. They will send out invitations, register them for the special event, and update them consistently about certain guidelines about the meet-and-greet. When you receive confirmation from your attendees, be sure to create a guest list, send the guests special gear such as badges, lanyards, and passes to attend the meet-and-greet, and contact them about the logistics of the event itself.  

One way of really making sure deserving people get access to the meet-and-greet is by setting up a pre-registration program. Ticket Fairy also allows you to use PREWARDS™, where users have to follow certain steps to earn points after they pre-register for the event. Fans are encouraged to share the event, follow pages, and can be rewarded with a meet-and-greet for their hard work! You can set up the points system as you like, with some in-built options like these. This is easily available in the Edit > Pre-Registration option when you access your event.

3. Confirm a timeline and agenda

You want to create a meticulous agenda with timestamps to make sure all the attendees will have enough time to meet the artists. Consider if you want the meet-and-greet to be held before or after the music event or festival and confirm with your artists and their team as well. Next, allot a general timeframe for the artists to greet the attendees. For example, you establish that your meet-and-greet will take place after the actual event for 45 minutes and there are 25 guests. Space out enough times for each guest to meet the artists and have the floor team prompt and guide them when their time is up.

Photo of meet-and-greet with artists

4. Understand and set up your floor plan

The floor plan for the meet-and-greet with artists is important so be detailed about it. Set up guides for your attendees to follow and have your floor team be prepared with the map of the plan. They’ll guide the guests through the meet-and-greet and ensure things go smoothly. Think about if you want to set up an area for the artist to sit and a table for them to sign memorabilia. The floor plan is the core of the meet-and-greet so make sure that you hammer out the details as best you can.

5. Coordinate with security 

Having a security team protects not only the artists from any disturbances or uncomforting moments, but it also ensures that the attendees are safe within the event space. Coordinate with the security team by communicating consistently with them. Make sure that they are well-versed with what is allowed by the artists and fans and familiar with the floor plan. Having a competent security team onboard creates a safe environment where the fans can meet their favorite artists without concern.

6. Implement a safety protocol

We’ve just experienced a monumental change in our world. The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced how we communicate and meet up with other people. When organizing a meet-and-greet with artists, be considerate of the concerns that the artists or attendees may have about the event and address it by creating a protocol. For example, you might implement social distancing in your floor plan, setting up hand sanitizing stations, or might even make it a masked event. Be sure to understand the boundaries of your artists first before doing anything and communicate the specific guidelines to the attendees before the meet-and-greet. Let them be aware of any rule before registration just in the case they are not comfortable with the particular guidelines for the meet-and-greet. 

7. Communicate with your artists and attendees about rules

This last point echoes a few of the prior points but communicating with your artists and attendees about particular rules and guidelines for the meet-and-greet is extremely important. You always want to make sure you’re aware of any boundaries the artists may have and communicate the guidelines to potential attendees. Being transparent ensures that your attendees will know what to expect and guarantees a positive and fun experience when meeting their favorite artists.

Meet-and-greets with artists are a fantastic way to transform your music event or festival into a special and personalized experience for your eventgoers. It’s always a fun experience to meet your favorite artists so making sure that you provide a safe and positive atmosphere for your eventgoers to meet the artists is important. By incorporating these tips when you organize your next meet-and-greet, you will be able to help your attendees create a wonderful experience at your music event or festival.

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