3 Essential Core Aspects That Make Up A Stimulating Conference Playlist

Creating a conference playlist is a unique way to ensure that your conferences stay exciting and lively. Conferences have a reputation for being overly serious, often associated with a corporate-level atmosphere. However, events such as conferences are in reality networking opportunities where your attendees are meant to socialize and make connections. No one enjoys attending an event that lacks energy and excitement. People are meant to be stimulated and all their senses should be catered to at events. Having music played at your conferences will set the atmosphere and tone for your event and elevate your attendee’s experience.

They get to enjoy the company of similar people and listen to great music that was carefully curated for the event. Conferences, especially corporate events, don’t have to be boring. A carefully curated playlist played through an actual live band, DJ, or speakers will add to the general atmosphere of your event, especially if you carefully select the music that will be played. Most of your conferences will follow a specific subject or theme. For instance, it could be a slightly fancier event than a normal conference so it makes sense to play smooth-sounding jazz music in the background. The point of having a curated conference playlist is to elevate and add to the whole experience of the event. It will keep your attendees alert and upbeat as opposed to being bored and filled with quiet murmurs of conversation.

Three things you should take into consideration before deciding on a conference playlist

As mentioned, music adds a level of energy and vitality to an otherwise silent event. You as the event planner want to do more for your attendees and choosing the correct playlist will add to their experience. A lot of your conferences will follow a specific theme or subject matter that is being highlighted during the main event. With music, you can smartly select specific tracks to play that support the whole atmosphere of your conference. It depends on the theme, the demographics of your target audience and potential attendees, and the size of the venue. 

Let’s get into these three critical points to help you plan a better conference playlist.

1. You want to think about the theme of your conference

The theme is so important to the success of your conference and when you’re deciding on your music playlist. You want the music played at the event to be cohesive with the event theme or subject matter and neatly tie up the whole atmosphere together. The music that you choose for your event could end up leaving an impact on your attendees that affect the whole atmosphere of your conference. When you start creating your playlist (through a DJ, live band, etc.), you want to think about what will be the center of your conference. This could be the theme, the subject of the conference (for example, a sports conference), and even the main keynote speakers of the event.

The point is to select music that amplifies the theme of the conference. Take for instance that you are hosting an AR/VR conference. AR and VR are the main characters of your event so think about what type of music could be played. When people think about AR and VR technology, they think about the future so clue in on music with a futuristic appeal. This could be even a genre of music like EDM that expresses a vibrant and futuristic sound through the use of specific tech in music. As you go on to create your conference playlist, you have to consider the theme of your conference in order to set the tone for your event that makes sense and parallels the context of the event. 

Image of attendees socializing at conferences for conference playlist

2. Select music that your target demographic will be familiar with and approve of

Your target demographic is the most important aspect of your event planning–this also foes for creating your conference playlist. Consider the demographics of your attendees such as their age, background, and occupation. You not only want to choose music that matches the theme of the conference, but you also want to play the music that your attendees will be familiar with, and most importantly, approve of. If the main demographic of your event will be professionals in their late 30s-50s, you want to of course create a playlist that your attendees will enjoy. Creating events on a platform like Ticket Fairy over time will help you get a good glimpse of various audience demographics that can come handy during event planning and marketing of future events.

You will most likely go with a live band since this seems to be a slightly elevated corporate conference, and the music will most likely be soft, instrumental music that adds to the professional atmosphere of the conference. The demographics of your audience are important to consider when creating your playlist and will offer you insight to create one that will truly impress your attendees.

3. Consider the size of the venue when deciding what type of music tech to go with

Your venue will affect how music will be received, especially when deciding what tech to go with. If your event space will be on the smaller side, it probably doesn’t make sense to go with a live band that will take up a lot of space. On the other hand, you might have issues with the volume of music played by a DJ since they’re known to be louder, and in a smaller event space, a DJ could literally burst some eardrums. A good compromise might be to go with a singular pianist or a trio of musicians that could take up smaller space at the event and still keep your attendees entertained. Always consider the size of your event space and how music will affect the venue in order to produce the best possible experience for your attendees.

A smart playlist will elevate your attendee’s conference experience

When creating a conference playlist, you have to be smart and clue in on these three core points: the theme, the type of people attending, and your venue space. Music is always a welcome addition to any event because people absorb the energy from the music being played. Your playlist doesn’t have to get complicated because music is an added aspect of your conference to enliven the atmosphere. 

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