How Creating Event Themes Can Help Drive Your Promotion And Production

Themes are a fun and unique way to make your events pop and stand out. Of course, planning a themed event is a different experience from planning a regular one. For instance, your theme will inform everything about your event. From music choices to decorations and to the activities that you plan, everything will follow the theme that you’ve set in place. 

A common question during planning that you’ll ask yourself will be, “Does this fit the theme?” 

Continuity is important, especially when you’re planning a themed event because it not only makes sense but it also looks streamlined and professional. You have to ensure that everything that you plan for fits the theme you pick because it creates a complete and compelling experience for your attendees. They were promised a specific and unique experience and you have to deliver. 

Things to think about when you plan a themed event

When you plan your themed event, here are a few details that you must pay attention to.

Make sure that the content that you plan for sticks to the theme.

You want to be consistent with the theme and plan for marketing content that reflects it. From the graphics to the word choices, it has to stay in theme to keep the unique aspect of the themed event alive. For example, if the theme of your event is “galaxy nights,” create fun graphics of dreamy, cool tones and stars and planets for posters and tickets. You might even deliver a cheesy line like, “Take this one chance and fly into space with us.” 

The point is milking out every aspect of your theme into your event. Let it inspire you and run with it.

Decorations, food, and merchandise should reflect the theme.

This is a no brainer. Things like decorations, the food you serve, and if you’re planning for it, merchandise or souvenirs should reflect the theme. Pay attention especially to the decorations because it affects the environment of the venue. You want it to create and contribute to the atmosphere and mood on the day of the event. 

Even some of the music that you play should follow the theme to keep things interesting and stay consistent. If it’s an ‘80s themed event it makes sense to play the hits from that decade throughout the night.

The point is to be conscious of the things that you plan because everything that you do should be informed by and stay consistent with the theme. Now that we’ve established a few strong principles of planning and managing a themed event, let’s get to the fun part. 

20 ideas to inspire your next themed event

If you’re having a difficult time coming up with ideas for a themed event, have no fear. Here are 20 fun and exciting ideas that will inspire your next themed event.

  1. Disco fever

Planning a theme around a music genre is a great and easy way to make sure you stay in theme with the things you plan for the event. From the actual decorations and the music that is played throughout the night, a disco theme will inspire  you and your attendees.

  1. Pose at the Met

The first Monday of May—the Met Gala is always a spectacle every year when it is held. Create a star studded Met Gala theme full of bright and fun activities. Roll out the red carpet and have screaming lights shine at the entrance. It also helps that the Met Gala runs by a theme every year so pick your favorite year and run wild with it.

  1. Jurassic Park

Movies are a great way to model your themed event after and Jurassic Park is a fantastic one and so easy to stay in theme with. A fan favorite, a Jurassic Park themed event is fun and adventurous and will match the atmosphere of a thrilling night.

  1. The Roaring ‘20s

A classic, the roaring ‘20s is a staple in the book of themes if it existed. It’s such a fun and interesting theme where attendees can dress up and return to a time of ultimate partying and excitement.

  1. Galaxy nights 

Go interstellar with galaxy nights. It’s unique and out there and coming up with cool and fun activities for your attendees is so easy. Let your attendees pose amongst the stars with a dreamy photo booth.

  1. Carnival

Big, bright, and festive, carnival is the way to go when you want something exciting and memorable. Big, bold colors and signs and booths of food, games, and prizes will take your attendees back to their carnival days.

  1. Oktoberfest 

Despite the name, you don’t need to wait for October to plan for this event, although it will actually make sense. But Oktoberfest is a fun theme where your attendees could fully immerse themselves in the infamous German beer festival.

  1. Masquerade

Everyone loves a good masquerade theme. It’s classic and so easy to plan for as well. The decorations should be luxurious with a sense of spectacle. Your masquerade event should be decorated vibrantly and you could also go a step up and make it a “vampire masquerade.”

  1. Travel destination

Destination themes are fun and timeless and the options are endless. You could have “A Night in Paris” or “Secret Escape to Bali.” Destination events are a crowd pleaser and your attendees will definitely feel like they are in a different world.

  1. Candyland

Everyone loves a good Candyland theme. The event works for a strong burst of flavor and color and is actually quite popular. The pink and purple color scheme could lean psychedelic and create a fun memory for your attendees.

  1. Step into the future

You know what a step into the past is and it’s a classic, but futuristic is the way to go. Decorate your venue with metallic colors to create a futuristic atmosphere. Also consider making things tech savvy with things like virtual rooms and anything else that gives the feel of futuristic designs.

  1. Zombie apocalypse 

A zombie apocalypse has been such a popular genre this past decade and what a way to create a feeling of thrill for you attendees. Run from your fears and the dead with a zombie theme that will be unforgettable.

  1. Under the sea

Another classic and perfect for a seaside venue, an under the sea theme has proven to be a strong theme. With beachy tones and a tropical atmosphere, it will ensure that your attendees are ready to relax and take part in the fun of a marine adventure.

  1. Studio 54

Sticking with a disco theme, go iconic with a Studio 54 theme. The infamous club where models, artists, and celebrities frequent is growing in popularity and so fun to plan. 

  1. The traveling circus

Be unique with a traveling circus theme. The circus is always the center of attention when it comes around so hike up a tent and plan your activities. 

  1. Lost explorer

Jump into the adventure with a lost explorer theme. Everyone loves the feeling of exploration and getting lost in the tropics is a great theme. You can plan for a jungle adventure or a tomb excursion, just make sure it’s out of this world.

  1. Neon nights

You can go simple and model your event after a color scheme. Neon nights are a great theme for larger events and when you’re also trying to create a big, festive atmosphere. It has a solid theme and general enough where it’s easy to mix and match decorations, music, and planned activities.

  1. Pop art

Pop art is one of the 20th century’s largest art movements and equally as iconic. It has influenced pop culture to this day with its unique style. Go pop art and spin the narrative with Andy Warhol and you’ll enter an iconic age.

  1. Festival

A festival theme is always a solid choice. Everyone wants to attend the attraction of a large festival. Social media has created an image of festival goers that you can mimic for your next event.

  1. Squid game

A relatively new theme, the groundbreaking series has taken a hold of pop culture. The show itself has iconic imagery that you can implement into your event and create a unique experience for your attendees.


We hope these themes inspire your next themed event. Go crazy and be unique with your themes and make sure you stay consistent.

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