BRÜT Party- Palm Springs White Party Weekend

Ages 21+
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US$ 30 (excl. fees)
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Welcome to BRÜT the Twilight Zone, where reality takes a backseat and the extraordinary reigns. Get ready to step into a new dimension during White Party Palm Springs 2024 weekend.

The Barracks will be transformed into a sensory spectacle, with lasers cutting through the sexy smoky air, creating a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow. The monochrome palette sets the scene, peppered with props that scream outlandish.

The BRÜT party is a feast for the senses. A sea of the world's most attractive men, each a vision of allure. Every outfit, every look, a beckoning invite. This isn't just a party; it's an OBSESSION.

Our go-go dancers? They're magnetic. Their raw sex appeal and charisma will set your pulse racing.

BRÜT is bringing the unmatched DJ duo - Dan Darlington and Deanne, kicking off the White Party Palm Springs weekend on Friday night with immense energy. Their music - a rhythmic fusion of power and sensuality - builds in waves over the crowd, crafting a unified, shared experience.

BRÜT Palm Springs White Party weekend promises a night you won't easy forget. Expect the unexpected, celebrate the bizarre, and join the HOTTEST GAY party in Palm Springs. Ready to let loose and step into our world of unadulterated fun?

We encourage you to celebrate Palm Springs White Party weekend at BRÜT Party expressing yourself freely in jockstraps, underwear, harnesses, or leather – all are welcome here. A clothes check is available for your convenience provided by The Barracks.


Dan Darlington

67625 E Palm Canyon Dr, Cathedral City
Friday March 29th
Doors at 9pm

  1. Johnny H
  2. Chubi A
  3. Patrick D
  4. Darrell H
  5. Dave R
  6. Michael V
  7. Joshua B
  8. Jorge O
  9. Adam O
  10. Duane W
  11. Nilo E
  12. Steve W
  13. Devin S
  14. Matt T
  15. Jeff S