Gatsby Gala (Savannah 2023)

. Savannah , Savannah [Ages 21+]

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Savannah's GATSBY GALA in 2022 was a golden, sold out hit so we plan to return in 2023 on March 25th (tentative date)!
We'll update this page when we confirm different aspects as well as when Adv. Tickets go up for grabs. Please consider "Going" to this event and follow along as we release more details as we get closer to the 2023 date.

Prohibition is over and all are welcome to dip their bill. Follow the rules and everything will be jake. Break the rules and you'll get the bum's rush:

• Leave heaters, gats, rods, and roscoes with the doorman.
• In the event of a raid by the coppers, drink fast.
• Do not discuss politics, religion, or upcoming heists.
• Keep it civil. Fisticuffs will not be tolerated.
• Boozehounds will be bounced.
• Dips, Sharpers, and Grifters: Leave your work outside.
• Confine your flirting to the pro skirts. Leave other men's (and women's) squeezes alone.
• Don't be a wise guy and think you can get in if you are under 21 (we'll check IDs)
• Do not leave the joint with liquor. Drink up or leave it.
No pants made of blue denim, better known as jeans, or common street wear will be allowed so dress like you were going to toss a few back with Capone himself!


• DO WEAR: 1920s glamour or attire highly recommended! Other suggestions would be to wear black, white, gold and pearls.

DON'T WEAR: No common (present day) street wear, jeans, blue denim or t-shirts, please.


• PHOTOS: Make sure to commemorate the evening in photos. We'll have a Featured Photographer on hand PLUS Roaming Photographers to snap candid moments as the evening unfolds.
• HORS D'OEUVRES: No speakeasy worth its booze would neglect to serve up some 1920s era-specific hors d'oeuvres throughout the night to its patrons.
• GATSBY GAZETTE: Printed just for this event, Savannah's GATSBY GAZETTE will be a great keepsake, filled with important details about the Gatsby Gala that attendees will need to know about in addition to historic stories from the past.
• BOOZE: What would a GATSBY GALA be without booze? There will be a variety of 1920s themed cocktails available from the bar.



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EVENT QUESTIONS: [email protected]
TICKETING QUESTIONS: [email protected]

Savannah's GATSBY GALA is produced by MarksterCon which brought Savannah the VAMPIRE BALL (previous two year's sold out) and Savannah's WIZARD PROM as well as the holiday-themed NAUGHTY ELF PUB CRAWL.

for Gatsby Gala:
Refunds are available up until 30 days before the event, minus The Ticket Fairy ticketing fees. Email [email protected] with inquiries or requests.