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Join us on SATURDAY 02/11/2023 (12:30P to 1:00A) as we open our hearts and IGNITE LOVE again! This Valentine's weekend, we will embark on a fun filled journey as we immerse and pamper ourselves in a full day of authentic love and connection. 

You will experience a full curated day of fun, healthy activities and juicy workshops with focus on authentic connections and love. Come share in deep conversations, fun connection games, beautiful live art with the high vibe dance beats through our lineup of amazing DJs, and play with others who believe in living life to the fullest in full self-expression!

If you are craving authentic connection and transformative experiences that make you feel ALIVE and energized, this immersive experience has been curated specially for you!

As we celebrate the 2 year anniversary of our IGNITE🔥YOUR❤️‍🔥HEART FEST, we will dance the night away in a creative art and beautiful gallery space designed to inspire and bring people together. Let your heart soar and your spirit run free as we immerse ourselves in a day of celebration and fanciful accompanied by deep house music, drum beats, live surprises and amazing flow performers.

What to expect:

  • DAY✨VIBE: High quality and authentic connection workshops to feel the love for yourself and each other.
  • IG-NITE🔥VIBE: Ecstatic and Dance music to delight your ears and your dancing feet.
  • DJs, Drums, Fire and Flow performances




1:00PM:  Love Yourself Yoga Flow  - Jenna Rose

2:00PM:  Heart Opening Breathwork Journey – Nicole Zimmerman

3:00PM:  Connect with Acro Yoga - Denise & Manny

3:00PM:  Love Boldly – Violet Lange

4:00PM:  Sacred Embodiment Journey – Anna Ruth Hall

4:30PM:  Yoni Temple Heart Activations - Juilalia 

5:00PM:  Becoming Love: A High Vibe Energy Experience – Mike Liu

5:30PM:  Love Starts with You (Flow Life™ program) - Magick Mike


6:00PM:  Love Gratitude Ceremony & Flow Tribe Drum Circle - Magick Mike, Doug and Flow Tribe Drum Team

6:30PM:  VOMO – Voice Movement Activation (David Frank & VOMO Team)

7:30PM:  Feel Love with Ecstatic Dance, Movemente & Drums

8:30PM - 1AM: High vibe DJ sets & IGNITE🔥DANCE❤️‍🔥PARTY!

7:30     Tamara Lanza - IG: @tamaraclanza

8:30     L Buzz - IG: @l_buzzzz

9:30     Secret Society - IG: @stevenstella333

10:30   3VERYNIGHT - IG: @3veynightmusic

11:45   Ailla - IG: @dj_ailla



Matthew Garcia - Canvas Art - IG: @glossolatian_arts

Matt Deifer (Body Paint Me) - Body Painting - IG: @mattdeifer

Lisa - Canvas Art - IG: @pleasantlydisturbing

Blake Berry - IG: @dozethedaydreamer

Aura Photography - IG: @auraphotopros


Kemo Burns - Rope bondage Art - IG: @kemoburnsrope


Magick Mike - IG: @flowtribeglobal

Doug Yogi - IG: @updougyoga

Rachel - IG: @drumflow_rachel


Power Surge & the Fire Heart - IG: @iampowersurge

Jonny Walker - IG: @7bluedragon7

Alex - IG: @beabadass

Margiflows - IG: @margiflows

King - IG: @idjinnofthedepthsi

Mason Lightbender - IG: @official_lightbender


Alex - IG: @beabadass

Romina - IG: @asesina_romina


Lucy Masseucy - IG: @lucymasseucy

Jordan Zavala - IG: @truehealth_athletics

Mikhael Collins - IG: @mikhael44




What to bring:

  • An open mind, smiles and open hearts.
  • Full Self-Expression. Wear something fun. Costumes & festival wear are always welcomed. Theme color is Red. Bring flowers to share.
  • Dancing shoes, Yoga mats (if doing yoga) or for extra seating.
  • Drums, Flow & Fire Toys, if you desire to perform.
  • We are doing our best to cut down on waste, so please bring your own reusable beverage container.

This is a no-judgment zone. This experience is designed for YOU and YOUR body, to move and express freely. All welcome!

Space is limited. Don't wait until last minute to reserve your spot! Do it now and take advantage of the early discounts. Also, no discounts on the day of event, so please don't ask our staff. Please purchase prior for easy access and display tickets at the door.

IF YOU LIKE TO VENMO FOR TICKETS DIRECTLY: @FlowTribeGlobal (Include your name)

All ages welcome prior to 6:00PM. Adult's only (21+) after 6:00PM. No pets please (for their safety). Please be responsible and  respectful of the container, Flow Tribe's code of conduct and our venue's policy.



1:00PM - Pleasure Yoga Flow – Jenna Rose

Flow into your day of love manifestation and authentic connection with a 45-minute pleasure Vinyasa Flow led by Jenna. Expand consciousness in every direction through heart-opening asanas, pranayama breathwork, and energetic flow set to inspirational music. IG: @jennarosemacjenzie

2:00PM - Heart Opening Breathwork Journey – Nicole Zimmerman

Breathwork is a type of circular connected breathing that shifts consciousness and allows us to cleanse our bodies of any stagnant energy, any toxins, any traumas, any repressed emotions, anything inside of us that is not serving us. In order to truly heal, we must tap into our bodies and really feel and process what is going on inside - the modalities you will be working with on this journey will allow you to access your internal world in an efficient and safe way and really bring you back into your heart space

Nicole is a certified breathwork facilitator and embodiment coach; her mission is to facilitate people on the journey back home to themselves using breathwork, movement, and connection. Nicole has worked with hundreds of people in both 1:1 and group settings facilitating transformational breathwork journeys.  IG: @nicole_zimmermann 

2:30PM: Connect with Acro Yoga - Denise Beaudoin & Manny

Denise Beaudoin has been teaching yoga and acroyoga for the past 10 years.  Her classes help you connect deeply into the present moment by cultivating awareness of your inner world, listening to what you’re body is feeling and turning down the volume on what your mind is thinking. She believes that yoga is medicine and that we should take our medicine daily to maintain peace and serenity. Acroyoga is a super specialty form of that medicine that allows us to stretch deeper, communicate better with others, practice trust, balance, strength and honor our limitations. This workshop will be focused on acroyoga therapeutics to help you deepen your ability to nurture yourself, your friends, your partner(s), and loved ones. It will be a fun and inspiring way to play and connect with each other. You won’t want to miss it! IG: @denisebeaudoinyoga

Manny loves to share benefits of connection through movement (mainly through partner dancing, acroyoga and partner acrobatics). You can find manny sharing acro around the world at festivals, classes, jams and impromptu meetings; and he is always happy to promote this really fun way of lifting people up, improving health, building trust and strengthening communication. IG: @acromanny

3:00PM - Love Boldly – Violet Lange

Learn how to reveal your heart, fears, and desires to spark intimacy. Dissolve the blocks that keep you stuck from deeper connection as you share authentically. Feel the magic of dropping in with a variety of people as you receive their unique nourishment.

Violet Lange is a relationship mentor and podcast host. She helps successful, spiritual women find and create healthy, lasting love. Lange is the founder of Executive Sutra, a premier wellness organization for leaders, bringing yoga wisdom, tools & practices to the business world, and Violet Lange Coaching, a company that helps women reclaim their feminine essence, feel amazing in their bodies, and become empowered in love.

4:00PM - Sacred Embodiment Journey – Anna Ruth Hall

Our root is our center of safety, stability, groundedness, home, work, money, and community and its relaxation and balance is the key to unlocking ease in the body. In this workshop we will do several embodiment and vocal practices to release the root, unearth stored emotion that may live there, and open ourselves to the pleasures of what an un-clenched root chakra can bring. All genders welcome.

Anna Ruth Hall is a rewilding & embodiment guide who calls beings of all genders deeper into the pulse of their womb, their devine energy, and the mystery of life. She is also a spoken word poet and musician whose art is rooted in the cycles and rhythms of the body and of life itself.  IG: @embodyinganna

5:00PM - Yoni Temple Heart Activations - Juilalia 

Come home into the cosmic earth womb with ongoing rituals. Be transported to a space of divine love & union through movement, breath, touch and flower blessings. 

Juilaila is a certified Amba Movement teacher and feminine embodiment photographer, founder of Wild Womxn Magicke photography. Together they founded Yoni Temple School. IG: @wildjuilailarose @samrea @yonitempleschool

5:00PM - Becoming Love: A High Vibe Energy Experience – Mike Liu

Mike will take you through powerful and heart opening processes individually and then bring you that energy to connect deeper in a partner practice.  There will also be time for share with your partner as you related vulnerably and authentically.

Mike Liu is a physician and founder of Manifest Breakthrough, a live coaching program that uses tools from ancient civilizations mixed in with modern technology to help create breakthroughs in life in the areas of wellness, relationships, work and balance.  

5:30PM - Love Starts with You (Flow Life™ Program) - Magick Mike

Dr. Mike is the founder of Flow Tribe Global, a nonprofit community based organization, focused on overcoming fear and isolation by love and connection workshops and events. As a Medical Doctor, he has studied multiple alternative modalities within integrative medicine, including pranic healing, acupuncture and reiki. He earned an MD & MPH and attended UCLA for his residency & fellowship with the National Institutes of Health. He has had a successful medical & entrepreneurial career by continuing to follow his passions. 

His behavioral research and personal journey to fulfillment have focused on "Flow State Dynamics". His teachings focus on techniques and modalities that help one better access and understand the Flow State of mind and body for peak performance, joyful living and overall fulfillment. This sacred information on self discovery and embodiment is the foundation of the Flow Life™ program. IG @flowtribeglobal

6:00PM Flow Tribe Drum Circle & Gratitude - Magick Mike, Doug and Flow Tribe Drum team.

Gratitude and love to get us into our hearts and then get into your flow and feel alive with group percussion and breathing that heals the heart.

6:30PM VOMO – Voice Movement Activation - David Frank & VOMO Team

The VOMO team will lead us in Voice Movement Activation with a band of musicians and singers.  You don’t want to miss the fun and empowering energy of this workshop.  IG: @vomo.me

7:30PM Feel Love with Ecstatic Dance, Movemente & Drums

Free your mind and feel into your heart space with music, movement and dance. This ecstatic experience will guide you into the Flow State by high energy DJ set that will keep you moving and help you connect with new people and "feel the love".



In our current pandemic journey, as the need for connection has become more potent, it calls us forward to emit positivity & empowerment into our lives. This period of isolation has also taken a significant toll on our ability to experience the Flow Arts that nourishes our senses and fuel our passions. Our intention is to bring more passion into our hearts by authentic connections and focus on love (self first & then others) to overcome fear, seperation and isolation.

As the world is finaly opening up, so is the time to add more of our love and connection to those around us. As such, we are creating an intentional space and community to give more people the freedom to empower themselves and ability to tap into a higher self. These event are intended to continue to flame the fire that lives deep within our hearts & expand us into a safe space of intimate connectivity, playfulness, dance and healing flow energy.



We will kindly request that if you attend our events, that you follow the FLOW TRIBE CODE OF CONDUCT in respect of our community:

- Please be mindful & respectful of the sacred space and people who want to experience connection & healing.

- Always feel empowered to express your creativity & Flow.

- Be conscious of your own health, substance use, energy and flow.

- Think safety first for yourself & the container. All conduct must be consensual.

- Gift more than you take. Leave no trace. Treat the space as your own.

- Feel gratitude for all that you are and all that you have.

- Shine like a star and have lots of fun! Thank you and we love you!

We always have videography and photographers at our events to capture all the beautiful Magic and we post on the Flow Tribe social media or post for events. If you don't like to be photographed, we respect, please let our staff know at the event, so we can address. Thank you!




In the early pandemic period of 2020, FLOW🔥TRIBE started organically as a community to help individuals overcome Fear and Isolation by Love and Connection. Initially, silent disco headsets were used at some of our first events in May of 2020, where we danced and connected with one another in nature, while safely socially distancing. We were one of the first groups in the US, during the early pandemic lock down period to create dance, connection & meditation events, while utilizing the headset technology in safe nature spaces to bring so much needed healing to ourselves and our community.

Our evolution and growth have led to creation of a spiritual community with multiple conscious events that we all love, with focus on yoga, meditation, sound healing, authentic connection, live art, conscious movement, dance and live music; all the beautiful things that put us in the heart space and Flow State of mind.

Our previous events include the IGNITE🔥YOUR❤️‍🔥HEART FESTIVALIGNITE🔥MANSION EVENTS, IGNITE🔥AFTER BURNER @ W HOTEL, FLOW🔥TRIBE FESTIVAL WORKSHOPSFLOW🎧SILENT DISCO events like our FLOW🎧BEACH DANCE & FLOW🎧ON WHEELS series. Now, we like to bring more of this loving energy out to everyone else in the community, who could benefit from the beautiful knowledge gained from so much that has helped us during the pandemic and our growing journey together.

For more information on our upcoming events, please connect with us on IG: @FLOWTRIBEGLOBAL or Email us: [email protected]

Thank you for supporting us and We Love You!



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