New Date: The Greatest Wagner Concert Ever!

. Empress Theatre , Vallejo [Ages 18+]

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Richard Wagner's operas have never been more popular. His ten masterpieces, created against the backdrop of a Europe in severe political and cultural upheaval, constitute an unmatched body of work. A man who spent most of his life in abject poverty, inspiring both critical derision and hysterical hero-worship, Wagner was a walking contradiction: belligerent, flirtatious, disciplined, capricious, demanding and possibly the greatest visionary in all the arts. In his lifelong pursuit of the ultimate "music-drama," Wagner created the modern symphony orchestra and a new vocal technique that allowed his singers to be heard over an instrumental ensemble of immense proportions.

The Greatest Wagner Concert Ever! will include excerpts from five of the composer's most electrifying and romantic operas. Dramatic soprano Othalie Graham will be our soloist, with the Vallejo Festival Orchestra under the direction of Grammy award-winning conductor Thomas Conlin and soprano Othalie Graham.

After you select your seat(s) and purchase your ticket(s), you can add on a post-concert reception to meet the guest artists and enjoy scrumptious food and wine!

Menu for Post-Concert Reception

Savory Appetizers

Beet Cured Salmon Crostini

Beet stained salmon cured with gin, orange and dill  - a seeded cracker with crème fraîche & pickled red onion

Caramelized Tomato Tarte Tatin

Sticky mosaic of local heirloom cherry tomatoes, a splash of red wine vinegar & thyme - light puff pastry crust

Braised Pork Suppli al Telefono

Broken in half to eat revealing three layers; saffron risotto, pork shoulder, a melted center of Fontina-Provolone

Dessert Bites

Pine Nut Honey Crostata

A sweet and savory pine nut tart - honeyed nutty deliciousness- with softened Bay Blue


Covid-19 Policy

All patrons are required to be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination.