The Dharavi Dream Project’s Saniya MQ and Kavikaar Release New EP

Tiger Baby Records’ (TBR) first release of 2024 arrives in the form of a charming EP ‘Baccha Kisko Bol Raha Hai,’ featuring two young rappers Saniya MQ and Kavikaar, bolstered by bassist/producer Hashbass and TBR co-founder Ankur Tewari serving as creative director.

“This EP will show to the world the creativity and passion that young artists like us can bring to the table!” voices Kavikaar. ‘Baccha Kisko Bol Raha Hai‘ (‘Who are you calling a kid?’) boasts six Hindi and English hip-hop tracks framed through the lens of Saniya MQ and Kavikaar that discuss imagination, creativity, camaraderie, and a fondness for learning, making an amusing, educational, and informative catalog of songs. Lyrically, the talented duo from The Dharavi Dream Project swing in their A-game with tidy rap segments that address issues that impact teenagers as they grow.

Their distaste for math is brilliantly documented on ‘Maths Mera Dushman‘ (‘Math Is My Enemy’) complete with disc scratches and a sweet love letter to mothers for all they do is captured on ‘Super Mom.’ ‘Antakshari‘ (a musical game involving phonics) opens the EP with Kavikaar powering through rabid rap segments, whereas ‘Ek Hi Baat Hai‘ (‘Same Thing’) sees Saniya drop some stormy truth bars.

‘Baccha Kisko Bol Raha Hai’ – The Dharavi Dream Project’s Saniya MQ and Kavikaar

Saniya desired to write about the conflict that exists between art and academia. She says, “On one hand, there is frustration at how to handle studies, and on the other side, they say art doesn’t have an age restriction, and that anybody can be an artist – that’s what I wanted to write about.” Talking about the release and his rapport with Saniya, Ayush aka Kavikaar explains, “Working alongside Saniya has been an incredible experience, and she is so dedicated to her art that it inspires me too.”

Recalling his experience with the EP’s production, Hashbass states, “I only knew that they were young and hungry. In two days, I had made six ideas based on just their scratch vocals. It was a really fulfilling experience, and as I made the beats, both Saniya and Ayush aka Kavikaar brought their best pen game out and what got created was very quick and deep. Real magic.”

During the closing moments of Hashbass’ set at the returning Control Alt Delete music festival in Mumbai, the bassist/producer threw the masses into a frenzy by reeling onstage Saniya MQ and Kavikaar to execute a smashing performance of the EP’s title track, ‘Baccha Kisko Bol Raha Hai.’ With the audience responding enthusiastically, the gifted pair went on to perform a superb back-and-forth rendition of the song with the crowd sans any instrumentation.

In a statement, co-founder of The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP), Dolly Rateswar, shared, “The EP not only showcases their artistic growth but also reflects the spirit of collaboration and mentorship fostered by TDDP, and marks an important milestone, reinforcing our commitment to empowering and showcasing young talents from the streets of Dharavi.”

EP Credits
Written, Composed & Performed by – Saniya MQ & Kavikaar
Produced & Arranged by – Hashbass
Creative Producer – Ankur Tewari
Mix & Master – Hersh Desai
Art & Design – Nikhil Kaul
Cinematography & Direction – Pratiksh Shetty
Assistant Cameraman – Swayam Shetty
Additional Cinematographer – Nirav Ghate
Executive Producer – Savinay Shetty
Recorded at – The Dharavi Dream Project Studios & Island City Studio
Record Label – Tiger Baby Records

Listen to ‘Baccha Kisko Bol Raha Hai’ on Spotify | Apple Music

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