How To Create And Plan Stellar Content For Your Event

Marketing your content for your event is an important part of event planning. You want to take the time to flesh things out fully because this will be how you attract your target audience. Your target audience is central to the content that you provide. You want to enter them because they will be the ones seeing your content and you’re trying to use that to promote your event. The content you provide should be strong, constant, and attractive to entice your target audience. That is the goal of content marketing—to entice and persuade. When done perfectly it will increase the number of people interested in your event and will lead you to event success.

Understanding content marketing

A large part of your marketing plan is centered around the content that you produce. Content marketing is what you’ll be doing and it will be the core aspect of your marketing plan. In short, content marketing is the content that you will strategically distribute to your defined target audience in order to retain their attention and persuade them to purchase a ticket to attend your event. 

The content that you produce and market should be geared toward your target audience because the goal of contentment marketing is to entice people and encourage them to engage with the content you have distributed. Your overall goal is to get your target audience to purchase event tickets to attend your event.  

Content marketing is content that you produce with the intention to hook your target audience. It could be anything from blogs you write to graphics that you post on social media. It’s every content that you produce geared to be distributed to your target audience. Here are a few examples of what content you could be marketing to get the word out about your event.

  • Blog articles
  • Quick blurbs on graphics 
  • General graphics
  • Photography
  • Event posters
  • Advertisements 

The idea is that any content that you produce with your target audience in mind should be marketed toward them. However, that doesn’t mean everything will work for all the events you plan. You have to think about what type of event you’re planning and what content best represents that. You also want to be selective about where you are marketing your content and this most likely means social media platforms. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating content to promote your event.

1. Be selective about the content you produce 

As mentioned, you want to be selective about the content you produce. Not all content will best promote your event so use your judgment. For example, large photo shoots posted on Instagram or promoted through Facebook advertising will work for a music event because it’s exciting, attractive, and interesting. However the same can’t be said when you’re planning a conference. Most likely a poster with a clean graphic and relevant information posted on LinkedIn will work better. You have to understand what works best by thinking about the context of your event and planning to market content accordingly to those expectations.

2. Remember your target audience

Your target audience is your guiding force through all the event marketing that you will do. Before even planning the content that you will produce and market, do some audience mapping. Think about the demographics of your target audience and what motivates and interests them. What are their expectations for an event? What would attract them to your event? What would keep them interested? What would turn them off or lose them as potential attendees? Ask yourselves these questions and map them out because understating your target audience will help you produce the best content geared toward their interests and expectations.

Illustration of work table to demonstrate how to plan content for your event for content marketing.

3. Consider where you are posting your content

Not all content works for every social media platform. What works on Instagram or Facebook might not work for Twitter. Carefully create and upload content to the best social media platform that will elevate the content that you are distributing. You want them to make sense and reach your target audience and the best way to do that is by carefully considering the social media platforms where you decide to post your content.

However you choose to post content, you need to make sure you have enough instances where you’re sending people to your ticketing page. Make sure you also create content that can be displayed on your ticketing page, and have some thematic continuity there too. Ticket Fairy‘s tools allow event pages to be highly customizable, so you can have a uniqueness to each event you create.

4. Create a content calendar and post consistently 

Distributing content consistently will ensure that your target audience will stay interested in your event. No one wants to see a “dead social media account.” You have to produce content consistently and with the same quality. The best way to make sure you are doing this is by creating a content calendar. When you’re strategizing your overall marketing plan, make sure you take the time to create a content calendar that will schedule consistent postings of content across social media platforms. You want to make sure that you do this because it will not only bring your target audience consistent content but it will help make your event look relevant and alive. It also does a great job of creating excitement leading up to your event, adding pressure for people to purchase a ticket in order to attend the event.

5. Consider traditional on-the-ground marketing

Online content marketing is a fantastic way to reach out to your target audience but sometimes the traditional on-the-ground marketing approach will best work for your event. Consider strategizing and creating content for on-the-ground marketing campaigns if it best fits and represents your event well. You could also employ both methods because both online and on-the-ground marketing had proven results and will get your target audience interested in your event.

Content marketing is a method to hook your target audience in. It is content produced and geared for your target audience with the hope that they will purchase a ticket to attend the event. You want to make sure that your cover all aspects of online and on-the-ground event marketing because it will lead to event success.

Ticket Fairy’s Facebook pixel integration and feature of being able to send newsletters through events itself can be a very powerful tool to track sales and consistently market your event. Register and create an event today!

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