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We help event producers to become profitable with technology that generates revenue:

  • Ticketing that can handle any event structure
  • Daily payouts into your account for cashflow
  • Sell more tickets - turn customers into promoters
  • Marketing tools to increase conversions
  • Detailed customer and financial data

No credit card, setup fees or subscription required

Tech’s best hope against TicketMaster

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Gareth Popham - Music Festival Owner, Northern Bass (10,000 Capacity)

“We decided to swap to Ticket Fairy 4 years ago after nearly 10 years with the same ticket provider, due to their vastly superior technology and innovation when it comes to the marketing of tickets.

The information you can get out of the backend on your ticket purchasers is also second to none.”

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Grow Event Revenue by 20% With Rewards & Referrals

Give cash rewards to ticket buyers who share your event with friends in group chats and on social media, and get incredible organic reach!

  • Increases ticket sales by 15-25%, with 30% of your ticket buyers sharing your event to friends! Create a win win situation and discover your superfans!
  • Referral rewards return an ROI of 30x, much higher than paid ad spend.
  • Manage your promoter team inside your ticketing system. We automatically create tracking links for every team member whenever you publish a new event, and give them real-time sales reports.
  • Get tens of thousands of organic clicks to your event page without paying for ad traffic, and even remarket to those visitors!
  • Web3 made easy! Verify NFT ownership in real-time and give token holders exclusive access to your events.

Fund Your Event Before Doors Open

  • Receive 100% of your ticket funds in advance to improve your cash flow, and get paid directly into your bank account using our Stripe ticketing integration!
  • Lower barriers to purchase by allowing ticket buyers to pay in chunks. We integrate with Stripe, Afterpay, Affirm and Laybuy.
increase AOV

Maximize Order Values & Keep the Cash Flowing

  • Offer merchandise, VIP upgrades, and other upsells during checkout or post-purchase.
  • Sell table reservations as well as tickets, with full control over deposit percentages and table capacities. Track which promoter or concierge sent the customer for accurate commission reporting.
  • Recover abandoned shopping carts using automated emails and ad retargeting.
Event audience demographics

Know Your Audience

Detailed ticket buyer information gives you a deep insight into your event attendees.

Ticket buyer location analytics


Find out where your ticket buyers are coming from and use that information to plan local print, flyer and radio campaigns, travel packages and transportation routes.

Spotify analytics

Music Analytics

Reward your attendees for connecting their music streaming accounts so your talent buyer knows who to book for future events!

Facebook / Meta pixel integrations for tracking ad ROI

Conversion Optimization

Create multiple language and campaign specific versions of your event page to match your content marketing and paid ad targeting, to dramatically increase conversions and reach the right audience. Pixel integrations track your exact ROI on paid ad spend and page traffic, so you know what's working to drive actual ticket sales.

Analyse where your ticket sales are coming from

Device Analytics

See which apps your ticket buyers are purchasing tickets in, as well as which type and size of device they're using.

improve conversion rates

Improve Ticket Page Conversion Rates

  • Create multiple versions of your ticketing page to target audiences and increase conversions.
  • Integrate ad pixels to accurately track campaign performance and ROAS / ROI.
  • We support the new Facebook server-side Conversions API for accurate conversion tracking, even with Apple’s iOS changes.
  • Our checkout process and event pages are optimized for mobile devices, auto-filling as much information as possible, so your attendees can get their tickets as quickly as possible.
increase ROI

Increase Marketing ROI

  • Go beyond the basics with detailed demographics on your event attendees, including age, gender, affinity categories, device analytics, and more.
  • Reward attendees for connecting their streaming accounts, and leverage that data for booking, lineup scheduling, and more.
  • See where your ticket buyers are travelling from to plan local promotion campaigns, travel packages, and more.
  • Generate and gauge demand before ticket sales start with our pre-registration workflows, and run pre-sales directly from the platform.
stop scalping and chargeback fraud

Stop Scalping and Chargeback Fraud

  • Sell event tickets online with credit card fraud protection. Prevent scalping with individual ticket names that need matching photo ID at the door.
  • Eliminate resale fraud with secure person-to-person ticket transfers; ticket buyers can sell tickets to a friend or a sold-out waiting list, at face value only.
  • Capture resale revenue instead of losing it to scalpers!


All-inclusive ticket fees for paid tickets. FREE For free events!

Your Ticket Price












Estimated Number of Tickets Sold






Ticket Buyer Pays

Net Revenue

Approximate Revenue with Referrals

One Convenient Event Management Software

before doors open

Before Doors Open

  • Collaborate with your team with different permission types for each person, at both the event and company level. You're in control of what each colleague, co-promoter and agent can see and do.
  • Comprehensive event management platform and event planning tools, including accreditation and being able to issue guest tickets in bulk.
  • Create your events in our user-friendly dashboard and have your event live and on sale in less than 10 minutes! We support both in-person and virtual events.
  • Create multiple ticket types, seat maps using our reserved seating software, time slots, free tickets, and paid tickets.
  • 24/7 customer support, for both you AND your ticket buyers.
at the gate

At The Gate

  • Use our free ticket scanning mobile app, Entry Fairy, to scan tickets and check in your guests at lightning speed, handling tens of thousands of people seamlessly, and sell tickets at the box office in addition to online ticket sales during your event. No special ticket scanning hardware needed - use your iOS or Android mobile device!
  • Seamless integration with multiple RFID providers, such as Billfold, Intellitix, Weezevent (PlayPass) and mycashless for wristband-based access control and cashless payments. Take in person payments using our point-of-sale system.
  • Leverage real-time ticket scan data to help you allocate staff resources based on peak entry time, location, and more.
  • Monitor staff efficiency, deployment, and overhead.

World-Class, 24/7 Ticket Buyer Support

Included at no extra cost, we handle all of your event’s customer support enquiries

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Frequently Asked Questions for Event Organizers

Online Event Ticketing and Event Management

How does Ticket Fairy differ from the event ticketing system I use currently?

We take a much more complete approach to our solution, a revenue generation and marketing platform built specifically for event promoters, by event creators and promoters. Our founders and many of our team come from the event industry, so our approach to building event platforms is different to most. You don't just get the best event ticketing platform, you also get an all in one platform with event marketing tools, a secure ticket resale platform, an event CRM, event management and attendee management tools, and much more. We work differently to other event ticketing companies. The key features of our event ticket software are designed to drive more ticket sales, reduce manual work and grow your events business. Use one platform instead of five separate ones that all charge you individually - it makes much more sense!

Can I manage my guest list using your event management tools?

You can manage your guest list in three different ways:

  • Send tickets directly to someone's email address
  • Upload a CSV file and issue thousands of guest tickets in bulk
  • Use our guest ticket delegations feature to give 3rd parties outside your company access to issue their own guest tickets, up to the limit that you choose. Now you don't have to handle multiple lists coming in on the day of your event, when you're just trying to get doors open!

All guest list entries are issued with scannable PDF tickets, which scan in the same way as paid tickets.

Which countries can I sell tickets in?

We support events and venues in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Canada, the UK, India, Indonesia, Singapore, mainland Europe and more.

Does it cost anything to switch from my current event ticketing provider?

No, it doesn't! There are no setup fees or monthly fees - we'll even help you to create your first event. Get started today!

Can I create events and set up online ticket sales myself?

Yes, our free event ticketing platform is fully self-service, so you can create a beautiful event website in minute and use our powerful tools to increase your revenues. You never need to email customer service to update your event details, and can add tickets as you need in real time using our simple mobile friendly event management dashboard.

I've been running live events for decades and am very experienced. How do you think you can improve on what I've done already with my vast experience?

Even with your experience and knowledge, you've typically had to use multiple platforms to run your events, had to do things manually, run out of time to do those manual things and not had deep enough insights into your ticket buyers or buying patterns. We draw on the experience and learnings of thousands of successful event promoters like you, and give you the event technology that you need to unlock all the revenue that you've been leaving on the table for years.

How easy is it to transition to your event ticketing software if I used to sell tickets online through another platform?

Transitioning is a breeze. Our team provides comprehensive support to ensure a smooth switch, making it easy for you to continue to sell tickets online without a hitch.

What support is available to help optimize the use of your event ticketing software for my event?

Our dedicated support team is on standby round the clock to assist you in optimizing the event ticketing software for your event's success.

Ticket Fees and Pricing

Who pays for your ticket fee?

In most cases, this is paid for by the ticket buyer, but you can optionally choose to absorb it instead. We keep the service fee per ticket reasonable for your ticket buyers, unlike most of the event ticketing industry. The ticket fee percentage depends on your ticket price, and includes the cost of credit card processing.

Do you charge for free events?

No, we do not. There is no cost for free events - it's a totally free online event ticketing system. We only charge if you are selling a paid ticket or an NFT token-gated ticket.

Do you charge for issuing guest tickets?

There is no charge for issuing guest tickets. These are free tickets and are not subject to any ticket fee.

Payments and Payout of Ticket Revenue

How do event payments work and when do I get my ticket revenue?

If you connect your own Stripe account, you get daily payouts from Stripe directly, getting your exact ticket price / face value into your bank account. You don't pay the Stripe credit card processing fee. It's paid for from the ticket fees that ticket buyers pay. If you choose to use Ticket Fairy payment processing, we pay you 10-15 business days after your event. This is subject to our revenue release policy. We also support other payment gateways like RazorPay in India and Xendit in Indonesia.

What makes the payment gateway within your event ticketing software reliable?

We partner with trusted payment gateway providers, such as Stripe, Adyen, Razorpay and Xendit, ensuring your transactions are secure and smooth when you sell tickets. The processing fee for each payment gateway is included in the overall ticket service fee, and does not cut into your ticket face value, unless you choose to absorb it.

Can I sell event tickets at the door?

Yes, we integrate with Stripe Terminal card readers for door sales, with full financial reporting in our dashboard, showing how many onsite ticket sales you had vs online ticket sales.

Event Page Customization, Custom Branding, and Event Website Integration

What level of customization do you provide?

You can upload custom backgrounds and headers to customize your event page, collect custom information using data capture fields and configure many different features from our event management dashboard.

Can I sell tickets on my own website or mobile apps?

We have a white label event ticketing system that allows the entire ticket buying experience to happen on your event website or in your mobile app, taking on your own look and feel. Your attendees will be able to buy tickets in the same place as all your other event content. Book a demo with our team to discuss how.

Account Management and Ticket Buyer Customer Service

Who handles customer service for our ticket buyers?

We will be the first point of contact for your ticket buyers, for all technical support, event enquiries and customer complaints. If we cannot answer their enquiry suitably, we'll get in touch with you for advice.

What other services can you provide other than an online ticketing platform?

We have plenty of options to make the execution of your event as smooth as possible (many of our team are former or current event organizers, with a wealth of event production and event management experience), such as sending a team to larger events to make sure the gates and box office are set up correctly and your staff are trained on the Entry Fairy ticket scanning app. Speak to your account manager to discuss exactly what you need from our vast services ecosystem.

Virtual Events

Can you support virtual events?

Absolutely! We have dedicated online event functionality, which issues tickets that have a unique stream viewing link. You can use your own streaming server to deliver video, or even Zoom with our Zoom integration. We can also provide you with a rock-solid video streaming server if you don't have access to one of your own. If you want to run a hybrid event, that's also possible.

Event Marketing

Can I replace my event marketing platform?

We provide a full suite of digital marketing workflows that are built speifically for event organisers and festival producers. Our marketing automation and referral marketing tools generate organic engagement, social media shares and a significant revenue uplift. Your digital team can create multiple ticket landing pages to A/B test messaging and create dedicated pages for specific audience segments or ad sets. Our pre - registration system allows for calls to action on the confirmation page to increase the number of followers on your social media accounts. Our goal is to get you to having a profitable event for as low a marketing spend as possible.

How do you increase the reach of my event?

In addition to our ticketing platform's own marketing tools, we also syndicate your event details to our event listings partner network. This means that your event information will appear on local, national and international websites that have their own audiences, reaching people beyond your network. Each partner web site will have a dedicate page listing your event, with a link to your event page, increasing the likelihood that you will sell more tickets.

Ticketing Features for Music Festivals and Food Festivals

I need a festival ticketing platform. What festival-specific features do you provide compared to generic event ticketing platforms?

Festival ticketing is particularly difficult as festivals are complex events and have unique needs. Ticket Fairy has been designed to support the largest, most challenging events, festivals being one of the best examples. With our festival ticketing software, you can create event tickets for multi day events, show the correct wristband or credential when a ticket is scanned to maximize door throughput and reduce long lines, and manage accreditation and guest lists at scale. You can even make multiple ticket pages and target marketing campaigns to different content, such as a page for a specific stage or music genre. We are your comprehensive festival management software for music festivals, food festivals and film festivals, made with festival producers in mind.

How do festival multi day passes work?

You can create ticket types that are valid for a single day or multiple days, and set a valid scanning range for each. Once the ticket is scanned, you would issue the correct wristband to the ticket holder for the entire validity of that ticket type.

Ticket Scanning and Check-In

What options do you have for access control? Do you have an event check-in app?

You can use our ticket scanning mobile app, Entry Fairy, or use our API feed to allow any 3rd-party RFID system to scan our ticket QR codes. As your event approaches, you will get an automatic email from the system with a link to download the app and information on how ticket scanning works.

What do my ticket buyers receive after buying their ticket?

They will receive an order confirmation email with PDF event ticket attachments that have scannable QR codes. These event tickets can also be downloaded from the My Tickets section of our website if the email cannot be found.

Features and Workflows

I'm running a charity event. Can I sell tickets online with special pricing, and can we collect donations?

We do have special pricing for charity events and non profit organizations! Get in touch with us to discuss the available options. You can collect optional donations during the event registration process of your fundraising event.

Do you support recurring events or timed ticketing with multiple time slots per day? I need timed entry to control the maximum number of people in my venue at any given time.

We do, even if your event runs for several months. Recurring events that are long-running and need time slot ticketing are fully supported. The ticket page will have a calendar view where your customers can select a date, which will then show the time slots that are available. Once they select a time, they will see which ticket types are available within that time slot. If they want to change the time slot post-purchase, this can be managed from within their Ticket Fairy account, without having to contact you or customer service. You can also sell gift cards that can be redeemed by the recipient and pick their own time slot.

Can I create multiple ticket types or ticket tiers?

You can create as many ticket types as you want. You can have different ticket classes (such as General Admission and VIP), and multiple ticket tiers within each class. We even have functionality to create table types with different capacity ranges, base prices, additional prices per head and the option to only take a deposit payment of a certain percentage of the table minimum spend online.

What's your financial reporting like?

We have real time statistics on all your ticket and add-on sales, which can then be filtered by ticket type, date of sale, or custom tags. You can track sales from affiliates, promoters and promotional codes, as well as see what's currently being purchased in shopping carts.

Do you support dynamic pricing?

We allow you to set up multiple ticket tiers with different amounts of inventory, such as tickets for early birds. Once a tier has sold all of its inventory, the next one will activate automatically. This is the fairest method of online ticket sales, rather than dynamic pricing that changes the price of a ticket tier or seat based on traffic.

My event is complex. How will you be able to meet my requirements?

We have built Ticket Fairy to be a very flexible ticketing solution. You can select which type of event you have (music festival, food festival, corporate event, concert, private party, esports tournament, etc.) and different features will automatically activate. Depending on which settings you choose in those features, there is conditional logic to present the right purchase flow to your attendees.

Do you support event planners who have multiple clients?

Yes, we are perfect for event planners who are producing events on behalf of others! You can make multiple event brands under one user account, each with its own team and multiple users. You can add your clients to their specific brand and manage all your events in one place.

This is my first event. Can I use Ticket Fairy as a beginner?

We support first-time event creators, or established promoters and event professionals who have been in business for decades and want to run a large scale event. No event is too big or too small. We just want to help awesome events be successful, and give you all the tools you need to sell more tickets, spend less money on marketing and ease as much stress as possible! Selling tickets online has never been easier!

Is there a limit to the number of events I can create?

No, you can create unlimited events in our event management dashboard.

Do you support physical ticket printing in addition to e-tickets from online sales?

Yes, we support BOCA ticket printers that are used widely in the events industry for thermal ticket printing on commonly-available ticket stock.

How do you prevent ticket fraud?

We insist on a name for every ticket purchased, which must match the photo ID shown at the event. If the original buyer wants to change the name on the ticket, they can use Ticket Fairy resale to transfer the ticket to a new owner.

Do you support reserved seating?

Yes, we do. You can sell tickets online with assigned seating using clickable seating charts, and even define standing/general admission areas. Our reserved seating system also supports the sale of season tickets. You can create your own custom seating charts directly inside our user friendly event management dashboard.

Can I ask custom questions during the ticket checkout process?

Yes, custom data capture fields can be added either at the order level or per ticket sold.

Can I sell add ons during the ticket checkout process?

Yes, you can. Add ons will be presented to your ticket buyers once they have selected the type of ticket that they want to buy. You can map add ons to specific ticket types so a ticket buyer never sees an add on that is irrelevant to the ticket type that they are purchasing.

How do promo codes work? I want to offer discounts to certain people or offer group discounts.

We do things a little differently than other ticketing platforms. You create an individual promotion, set its discount pricing structure, and then you can add as many discount codes as you want that will unlock that promotion. This allows you to add many (or even thousands) discount codes so you can track ticket sales from different affiliates and partners. You can even apply different discount types to different ticket types within the same promotion.

Can I add multiple promo codes in bulk?

This is very easy. It's as simple as copy and pasting them from a document. You can even do this with hundreds of promo codes at once.

What payment options do my event attendees have?

Your customers have flexible payment options when buying their tickets. In most countries, Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit and debit cards are accepted for ticket purchases. In the US, we also accept Discover and UnionPay. You can optionally also accept payments in installments via Affirm and Afterpay / Clearpay, which all offer flexible payment terms. In the Netherlands, we support iDEAL payments.

What branding options do I have for my event listing page?

You can use our event page builder to create a highly customizable event page, including custom backgrounds, headers, photo and video media. You can enter your event details in the description area, as well as expandable FAQs below it. Depending on the event category you choose, we collect different attendee information during the checkout process.

Can I use your event registration software without using you for event ticket sales?

Typically, this is not something we support, unless you are using us for very basic event management, like defining your event budget. You get the most out of the platform if we are your exclusive online ticket sales platform and event registration software, as you get revenue uplifts, virality and detailed data from from every ticket purchase, as well as a rock-solid, closed loop, ticket resale system. We can sometimes play well with another ticketing provider, especially if there is a 3rd party access control system that pulls ticket data from each platform using an API integration or webhooks, but this scenario is rare.

Do you have any email marketing tools?

Yes, we have a full messaging system that includes email and SMS. You can message all customers, opted-in customers, holders of certain ticket types, attendees of a past event, and more. Your content team can create email templates in advance, which can be used when sending emails or invitations. It's even possible to schedule your mailouts.

Can I integrate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager?

We have dedicated settings in our dashboard so you can enter your GA4 and GTM IDs, for traffic analytics and conversion tracking.

How do I switch from my existing event ticketing platform?

It's easy to create a free event organizer account for your next event using our automated sign-up process.

Can I export my online ticket sales data from your ticketing software for further analysis in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel?

Absolutely! You can export attendee and customer information with one click. Every data table in our dashboard also has a copy button, which puts the data into your clipboard so it can be pasted instantly into a spreadsheet.

Do you provide training on how to use your event ticketing software?

Yes, we can set up a call with someone in the team to help you get the most out of the event ticketing system and event management functionality. If you've used a different ticketing platform for online ticket sales, it's very easy to get started. However, we do have many unique ticketing features, and those will take a little time to get familiar with.

How does your event ticketing system handle high-demand ticket sales?

Our ticketing platform is built to handle high volumes of ticket sales. With robust platform infrastructure and real-time monitoring, we ensure smooth ticket sales even during peak demand periods.

Is your event ticketing software adaptable to various event sizes?

Absolutely! Whether you're hosting smaller events or a roaring large-scale festival, our ticketing software scales seamlessly to meet your needs, making the process to sell tickets online a breeze and execute the best event possible. Imagine the biggest events you can, and we can support you!

How transparent are the ticketing fees when using your platform to sell tickets online?

We believe in full transparency. All ticketing fees are clearly outlined from the get-go, so there are no surprises as you sell tickets online or in person. Your customers are also shown all-inclusive pricing on your ticket page, so there are no hidden fees for them either.

Can I get a demo of your event ticketing software before deciding to use it for my event?

Yes, we'd be happy to provide a demo. Our team can walk you through the features of our free event ticketing software, demonstrating how you can leverage it to sell tickets online effectively and manage your event seamlessly. Just use our demo booking form to schedule a demo at your convenience.

How does Ticket Fairy ensure fair ticketing fees for both event creators and attendees?

We believe in fair ticketing fees. Our pricing structure is crafted to provide value to event creators while ensuring attendees are not overburdened. This balanced approach to ticketing fees underscores our commitment to fostering a fair and accessible event ticketing ecosystem.

What if one of my attendees has lost their order confirmation email?

You can easily resend their confirmation email from our dashboard. Alternatively, they can download their event tickets from their account on our web site.

Do you have a price and feature comparison page I can look at so I know how you compare to other ticketing platforms?

We currently do not. Our ticketing features are so vast that it's best to book a demo call with one of our team, so you can explain the exactly complexities and requirements of your event business.

Can I download a post-event report of my total revenue and ticket breakdown?

Yes, in addition to real time data you get in our dashboard, you can download a PDF summary of your event's financial breakdown, showing online ticket sales, online table sales, door sales and guest tickets / comps.

Can I have my own landing page on your web site for my brand or venue?

Yes, we automatically generate dedicated event listings landing pages for you that show all of your future events. These are SEO-optimized and can attract organic Google search traffic.

Can I suggest new features for your ticketing system?

Absolutely! We take feature suggestions from event organizers very seriously. After all, you're the ones in the thick of things and understand where your challenges and bottlenecks are. Ultimately, we just want to help you to sell tickets as effectively as possible - more ticket revenue for you is good for everyone. You're also much more likely to understand the strengths and weaknesses of other event ticketing platforms that you've used in the past.

Do you integrate with Hive?

Yes we do. There are fields in our event mangement dashboard where you can add your Hive brand ID and segment IDs. This will then synchronize every ticket purchase to your Hive account.

Can I make combo tickets that be used for multiple events?

This is possible, but will need our customer service team to set this up for you.

Can I have multiple event hosts if my event is a collaboration?

This is a very standard structure in the event industry. You can invite your co-promoter to the team of a specific event (they can set up a free account), sharing admin permissions and access to financial reporting. Your brand would still be the primary online ticket seller and receive all of the ticket revenue, but both event organizers would be in complete control of the online ticket sales and attendee data. You can also use our event management tools for centralized collaboration and event logistics.

What resources do you provide for event creators?

Our promoter blog contains many tips and tricks for producing live events and has information on how to get started with more advanced elements of event production. Our team can also provide consultancy for your specific needs if you don't have enough time to read the blog regularly. This is often a lot easier for event promoters who are very busy are do not have time to make learning new information their top priority.

Can I accept donations during the ticket purchase process?

You can define add-ons with pre-set donation amounts that your patrons can select from. We currently do not support entering any donation amount. We also have the option to accept donations during virtual events on your live stream page.

Can I integrate my marketing pixels for conversion tracking?

Yes, you can import pixels from Meta Business Manager and your Facebook Page, as well as TikTok, Google Tag Manager / Google Ads, Reddit and more. We support Meta server-side conversion tracking on iOS devices if you enter your access token.

Which mobile devices do you support for purchasing tickets?

Our mobile friendly event ticketing software is designed to support all iOS smartphones and tablets and most modern Android devices.

What other resources are there for helping me to confirm that Ticket Fairy is the right online ticketing platform for me?