Valentine’s Playlist: 10 Songs for Single Souls

If you’re feeling down, or even if you’re embracing being single, here are some songs to listen to.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always mean you celebrate every year. Sometimes you’re just at home, by yourself. Maybe you’ve just gone through a devastating breakup. Some of you might even be rethinking decisions you’ve made, or regretting the consequences of your actions.

We thought we’d compile a playlist, with songs capturing different moods of people who are single this Valentine’s Day!

Akon – ‘Lonely’

If you’re feeling: Loneliness, Regret

Whether you want to wallow, regret your decisions in the past, this hit tune from the early 2000s stayed with most people who heard it! It’s never too late to revisit this track. The catchy chorus will surely keep you hooked!

Gloria Gaynor – ‘I Will Survive’

If you’re feeling: Confident, Empowered

Everything about this song is empowering from the get-go; Gloria Gaynor’s voice, the lyrics and the upbeat music! You can be anyone from any walk of life listening to this, and if you appreciate some potent pop from the late 70s, this is a great song to turn to! You WILL survive. 

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Gotye, Kimbra – ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’

If you’re feeling: Sad, Contemplative

The mid-tempo pop number by Gotye featuring New Zealand singer Kimbra is a lovely composition, relatable to anyone who turned single, or has vivid memories of how life was, and what happened. Maybe if you’re feeling beat, you could sink into this one as you watch time make the feelings pass. 

Celine Dion – ‘All By Myself’

If you’re feeling: Lonely, Sad

If you’re feeling low, it’s alright. Sometimes, it’s just about hearing the right voice, even in that sadness. In this track, Celine Dion embraces her loneliness, and expresses how she doesn’t want to feel that way anymore. A slow, but powerful one. Sending the heartbroken a tight hug! 

Beyonce – ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’

If you’re feeling: Empowered, Confident

In one of the pop queen’s best singles of all time, Beyonce emanates the right to be confident, bringing yourself up even after a breakup, and making a better life for yourself despite mistakes that have been made in the past. She’s bold, fierce, and probably resonates perfectly with you!

Mariah Carey – ‘Whenever You Call’

If you’re feeling: In Love, Happy, Content

This song by Mariah Carey is filled with warmth, that fuzzy feeling of love, and promises to a partner now that they’ve fallen in love together. It’s hopeful, and may help uplift your mood. Give this one a spin. Maybe you’re single on Valentine’s Day, but every day isn’t Valentine’s Day! *wink wink*

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Richard Marx – ‘Right Here Waiting’

If you’re feeling: Regret, Longing

Still have feelings for your ex? Well, this classic by Richard Marx is for the ones who relate to situations that have gone bad, and even if it does or doesn’t work out, you will stand your ground and be there for the love you wish you never lost. It sure sounds familiar!

Whitesnake – ‘Here I Go Again’

If you’re feeling: Motivated, Confident

It’s time to rock and roll! It’s also time to move on after a point, and Whitesnake hits all the right notes. This song can swing your mood into the right direction, and who knows, maybe you will go out tonight after all. It’s time to get up and get going again!

Willie Nelson – ‘Always On My Mind’

If you’re feeling: Regret, Sad

If you feel like you should have done more to save what was, or if your relationship was jeopardized by your negligence, this is a song you will relate to. It’s okay, sometimes you want to hear what makes sense to you right now, and that can be pretty comforting.

Rob Thomas – ‘Lonely No More’

If you’re feeling: Restless, Confused

Is someone, or your feelings for someone keeping you hanging? Rob beautifully vocalizes his feelings, thinking about how it would be better if he knew what he could do to earn someone’s love! 


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