TFword’s Selection of the Best DnB DJ Sets of 2022

From festival DJ sets to performances in unique settings, we have handpicked ten of the best drum & bass sets from 2022.

After going through two years of suffering, ravers finally got a chance to go out in the open and dance to their favorite music in 2022. Clubs, festivals and every other party setting made a full-throttle return this year, and so did eclectic selections from the best DJs in the world.

Drum & bass has a fair share of the most deadliest selectors you will find in electronic music, and we are listing ten of the best DnB DJ sets that ruled playlists this year.

Delta Heavy At Rampage 2022
We start our list with explosive drum & bass duo Delta Heavy‘s high-energy set at this year’s Rampage Festival. “The biggest Drum & Bass and Dubstep party in the Universe” received a solid dose of pounding dancefloor drum & bass from Delta Heavy where they dropped a big chunk of their originals along with a mix of some saucy edits. Their set was complimented by a wild stage setup that will make you want to travel back in time to witness the set in person.

A.M.C at Let It Roll Festival 2022
If you are a drum & bass head, you would know that the only thing A.M.C eats for breakfast is sharp-edged nails. He then brings all the power that he has consumed into his DJ sets. However, the damage he wrecked on Let It Roll’s comeback edition this year will make you want to smash your head into the screen you are watching this set from. The set rightly won the best live stream of 2022 at the Drum&BassArena Awards because there has been nothing quite like it this year.

Koven at Let It Roll Festival 2022
Another entry from the Let It Roll Festival and once again rightly so. Koven, who is an inspiration to so many budding producers and DJs in drum & bass, delivered a performance that was a close second to A.M.C’s mayhem. Featuring a mix of her famous vocal-led and skull-shattering bangers, Koven mesmerized the crowd with an hour of drum & bass magic. By far, one of the best sets of the year.

Bou at Mixmag feat. Brainfreeze
If you have a friend that needs inducting into drum & bass, send them this set. One of the genre’s hottest properties, Manchester-based Bou, who has only been in the business of making bangers after bangers this year, dropped a heavy dose of high-octane drum & bass featuring the perfect mix of old and new. Wait until you get 11 minutes and 15 seconds into the set; after that, you won’t need any convincing.

K Motionz Presents CROWD CONTROL
After Andy C, A.M.C and the top DJs in drum & bass, K Motionz is steadily making his name amongst DnB royalty as one of the best acts behind the decks. The prodigious producer introduced his CROWD CONTROL concept this year, which also made its debut this year in New Zealand. The 360° rave experience gave us one of the best DJ mixes of the year, featuring some breathtaking blends from the young producer. K Motionz is all set to bring his CROWD CONTROL experience to the UK in 2023.

Camo & Krooked & Mefjus Live From A Boat 
Like their music productions, Camo & Krooked and Mefjus are in a league of their own when it comes to DJing. Continuing their knack for delivering performances at some of the most spectacular settings, the legendary Austrians took to the Danube river in Vienna with a DJ set to remember for a lifetime. Starting with their 2021 hit ‘Sientelo,’ to their productions after starting their label, and a long list of unreleased VIPs, Camo & Krooked and Mefjus delivered a set that will stay on our best DJ playlist for a long, long time.

Born On Road: Aries B2B Kelvin 373 B2B Selecta J-Man + Carasel | Live From DnB Allstars 360°
This one is massive. Shortly after Born On Road bagged the ‘Best Label’ award at the Drum&BassArena Awards, DnB’s biggest online community, DnB Allstars, uploaded this banger of a set from its 360° event. The set featured the head honchos of Born On Road going back-to-back with Selecta J-Man and MC Carasel spitting bars. As expected, the live set was all flames from start to finish, featuring the label’s staple sounds and more.

Drum & Bass On The Bike – SHEFFIELD
If you stream DJ sets on YouTube, there is very little chance that Dom Whiting’s Drum & Bass On The Bike hasn’t showed up amongst your suggestions. Starting his concept last year during the lockdown period, Drum & Bass On The Bike has now become a ritual for ravers in the UK. From just a handful of people, the event has grown large enough to shut entire towns down whenever Dom Whiting and his entourage roll in. This year’s pick from a series of fantastic Drum & Bass On The Bike events is the Sheffield edition, where Dom Whiting managed to get a bus driver to rave with him.

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Netsky at Crystal Garden
Belgian drum & bass wizard Netsky may have played countless great DJ sets, but this one, in our opinion, sits in the top 2 on the list of the best Netsky sets online. For his performance at Tomorrowland’s winter edition at the Alpe d’Huez in France, Netsky whipped up his A-game, which included his original and a wide selection of crowd-favorite edits. Hard-hitting and euphoric in equal measure, this set is for the ages.

Tim Reaper – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix
It was last year when Tim Reaper said, “Jungle can do anything it wants to”; and it is a skill he has mastered over the many years. One of the artists leading the charge for jungle music resurgence, Tim Reaper was called up by Pete Tong to deliver an Essential Mix. The result of the invitation was an exhibition of the compelling and intricate rhythms that Tim Reaper has been pushing ever since his debut. DJ mix of the year, in our opinion.

Which mix was your favorite this year? Let us know!

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