BRIGSY Rolls Out a Dancefloor Weapon with ‘Chester Avenue’

We caught up with drum & bass DJ BRIGSY to delve deeper into his newest single ‘Chester Avenue,’ his experiences as a live performer, and what lies ahead for the artist.

If you are a frequenter of Ticket Fairy’s Auckland-based events, you will notice one name that appears customarily across venues and festivals – BRIGSY. DnB producer/DJ BRIGSY is a mainstay of the drum & bass scene in New Zealand. The talented musician released a high-energy banger single ‘Chester Avenue‘ last week, which our in-house bass fanatic Sagar described as a “dancefloor weapon.”

Maxwell Brighouse, better known as BRIGSY, employs ‘Chester Avenue’ as one of the tracks to introduce his music outside of his home country. The single captures the fierce energy that has allowed him to perform at some of New Zealand’s most prestigious venues and music festivals, including Rolling Meadows and Rhythm & Vines.

Brimming with rattling bass stabs, shattering drum levels, and brutalist beats, BRIGSY crafted ‘Chester Avenue’ over a period of eight months. He said, “I’m very happy with how Chester Avenue has turned out. It went through numerous versions over a period of about 8 months & took a load of trial & error, but I landed on a piece that I believe represents my sound well.”

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“I’m a big fan of jungle-influenced DnB and tried to implement that with the constant switching of patterns.”

BRIGSY also took a plunge into the creative process of ‘Chester Avenue’ with us, stating that he refines his pieces by seeking input from trusted peers, and after forming several versions, he selects his favorite and latches onto it. “I wanted to try to replicate the ‘stadium’ style of drum and bass, with a personal twist. I’m a big fan of jungle-influenced DnB and tried to implement that with the constant switching of patterns,” the DJ said, explaining his production approach. “I always start with the drums first, then worked my way into building the bass & lead sounds around them. From there, the structure & FX flow pretty naturally.”

As a regular name at multiple events across New Zealand, we touched upon his appearances at the recent summer music festivals in the country. It also happened to be one of BRIGSY’s most decorated years yet, as he debuted at Rolling Meadows! He expressed, “The summer festival season just been has been my biggest to date, playing rhythm & vines was a dream come true and finally landing at rolling meadows in Christchurch for New Year’s Eve was the icing on the cake. Can’t wait for next season already!”

“One international festival that left a lasting imprint was Boomtown in the UK. The sheer size & quality of the festival is incredible, and I hope one day I’m able to play there myself,” he added.

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BRIGSY released his first EP ‘Violence’ in 2022 and has played alongside the likes of The Upbeats, Flowidus, Enei, Jakes, Pola & Bryson, Kelvin 373, Disrupta, and a wave of many more artists. For those unfamiliar with BRIGSY’s music, we also discussed his journey, which he commenced at the end of 2019.

“I started the Brigsy project at the end of 2019, after traveling to the UK and catching the drum and bass bug. From there I landed my first gig in March 2020 & began playing gigs regularly. I decided to pursue music production in 2021 studying at SAE Institute, finishing that in August of 2022 & releasing my debut EP ‘Violence’ in September.” With loads in yet store, when asked about some of the names he’d love to perform a B2B set with, BRIGSY mentions Austrian electronic duo Camo & Krooked, UK beatmaker Harriet Jaxxon and DnB artist Kanine.

We closed our conversation by asking the Auckland-based DJ about his future in music, BRIGSY declares, “For both myself & music, this year is all about growth. Continuing to progress as a person & musician, I’d like to see how far I can push myself. I’ve got a load of projects on the go & am very excited to get them out to the world!”

Chester Avenue‘ is now available for streaming on all digital platforms!

Find Brigsy on: Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify | Apple Music

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