8 Zombie Survival Games To Play This Halloween

Halloween month is upon us, and with it, comes the unyielding itch to dabble with the darker side. When it comes to video games, there are a whole lot of titles that range from straight-up ghost stories to survivalist challenges in a challenging setting. If you’re on the look-out for some good zombie video games, this list has eight stellar titles to check out, if you haven’t already!

Zombie horror is everlasting, take it from us. Sure, the trope has been overdone in the past on multiple occasions, but it always comes back swinging. As of 2022, while zombies aren’t flocking the big screen like they did a few years ago, the genre offers an exciting range of video games – ones have elevated the arguably overdone concept in a number of ways. Carefully crafted stories set in post-apocalyptic ruins, strategic management of resources, fear-inducing character design and high-tension gameplay, the options are endless. And we’ve handpicked the best for you!

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Celebrate this spooky season with the most gruesome company there could be: the undead.

1. The Last of Us Franchise

Sony PlayStation Exclusive, 10/10 on IGN

via IGN

The chances you haven’t heard of this franchise are close to none, and it is easy to see why. The Last of Us first dropped in 2013 and boasted graphics and gameplay that, at the time, were not a frequent sight. As of 2022, the franchise has 3 titles in total, namely The Last of Us, The Last of Us Part II, and 2022’s newest The Last Of Us Part 1, a remake of the 2013 original. If you haven’t had a chance to play this zombie-survival horror masterpiece, there is no better season than the spookiest one!

What you’re getting into:

A vast post-apocalyptic open-world with a somewhat linear feel, packed with a variety of infected foes to face or sneak past, the choice is yours. You play as Joel, a middle-aged surviving man, who makes it his mission to smuggle a teenage girl named Ellie to a militia group. Along the way, the duo experience more than we can put into words (no spoilers, remember?) leading to the events of Part II, an equal, if not better sequel to its predecessor. As of 2022, the franchise is set to debut as an HBOMax original series in 2023.

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2. The Resident Evil Franchise

10/10 on Steam

via IGN

Namely, their last two installments, Biohazard and Village, have simply smashed the franchise’s commercial success out of the park. To summarize, the RE series began as a video game by the name ‘Resident Evil’ during 1996, and have since released upwards of twenty-five titles in their video game series alone. The franchise debuted its first film in 2002, starring Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez, and also has a mighty list of follow-up films in its arsenal. The essence of RE, regardless of its ups and downs in critical success, remained a mainstay for fans and players, leading to a revamp of the series with the release of ‘Biohazard’ in 2017. It is safe to say the game was an instant success, and its follow-up, ‘Village,’ was even more so. If you’re diving headfirst into the RE universe, you have the choice between playing the remakes or going chronologically. Either choice is guaranteed to be a memorable one.

What you’re getting into:

A first-person survival horror where your motive is to uncover the grizzly secrets of a gruesome family (in RE Biohazard) and a village (in RE Village). Expect an abundance of lore and world-building, superior voice acting and character backstories and a thrilling gameplay that includes the use of ‘Save Rooms,’ a classic horror inclusion that lets you get a break between intense and grueling fight/escape sequences and chilling exploration. It is important to note that Resident Evil 7 and 8 do deviate from the classic zombie shooter mechanisms and storylines their predecessors followed, but they manage to connect these storylines with an ease that begs to be experienced!

Find Resident Evil on: The Official Capcom Website | Steam | PlayStation | Xbox

3. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

VR Exclusive, 9/10 on Steam

via Steam

A virtual reality exclusive and one of Walking Dead’s top titles, Saints & Sinners is a choice-based survival horror set in a walker-infested New Orleans. The Walking Dead franchise has been successful both in the world of video gaming and on television, with Telltale’s The Walking Dead episodic games still a fan favorite. Saints & Sinners keeps to the franchise’s decision-based story-telling, delivering hours of gritty gameplay with wide-cast effects on the world around you.

What you’re getting into:

A dilapidated New Orleans over-run by the infected and the forgone. Gutter your inhibitions and make the hard decisions; craft, scavenge, save up and manage your resources; explore The Walking Dead universe and learn about the characters in-game and their stories. A VR experience that is unforgiving, and will be one that will stay with you for a long time!

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Find The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on: Steam | Oculus

4. Dying Light 2

7/10 on Steam

via Steam

Parkour! Parkour, parkour! And, well, zombies. Dying Light 2 is a unique take on the arguably overplayed zombie trope, taking gameplay up several notches. And by notches, we mean buildings, cell towers, bridges; basically anything that keeps you off the ground. The 2022 release follows its 2015 predecessor’s mechanics, allowing players to speed-run past hordes, or execute the infected via stealthy rooftop melee. Dying Light 2 promised much smoother mechanics, and exploration opportunities in the form of a massive open-world; Dying Light (2015) was also open-world, with Dying Light 2 boasting a map that is about four times larger.

What you’re getting into:

While Dying Light 2 is certainly a finetuned experience in parkouring around zombies and perfecting your evade-locate-defend skills, you should get your hands on Dying Light (2015) if you want to properly experience the franchise’s trajectory. Characters are well fleshed-out and detailing is noticeably superior, and of course, a special spotlight is awarded to the game’s parkour mechanics. The possibilities are endless!

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Find Dying Light 2 on: The Official Dying Light Website | Steam | Epic Games | Xbox | PlayStation

5. Left 4 Dead 2

10/10 on Steam

via Steam

A 2009 FPS horror classic, Left 4 Dead 2 is a zombie survival objective-based game that is massively beloved. You can run this game on a low-spec PC, and it will run perfectly fine! Left 4 Dead 2 is a successor to the 2008 title, Left 4 Dead, the game is set in the same universe but with new characters and stories. Most commended is Left 4 Dead 2’s five game modes, each making for a unique style of gameplay, and offering both local and online multiplayer.

What you’re getting into:

Hordes, variations and weaponry to match! Expect highly enjoyable levels and maps, detailed world-building, and gameplay mechanics that still hold up today. A drawback to Left 4 Dead 2 is its online match-making, which has been criticized for its lack of a player base. The game makes for an intensely fun play if you have your player group on lockdown, though!

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Find Left 4 Dead 2 on: The Left 4 Dead Official Website | Steam

6. World War Z: Aftermath

9/10 on Steam

via Steam

Informally recognized as the unofficial follow-up to Left 4 Dead 2, World War Z Aftermath is another highly revered zombie survival-shooter that debuted in September of 2021. The game runs cross-platform, allowing for PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo and Google Stadia players to get their fill of zombie horde elimination. The story is set in a post-infestation fictional Earth, and features impressive maps, from the Vatican to Kamchatka, Russia! Its predecessor, World War Z, debuted in 2019, and while it was a rebreather-of-sorts for fans of the hit film by the same name, zombie shooter enthusiasts saw much to be desired. With this installment, players have a lot more to play with, from added weapons and mechanics, characters and their stories, and of course, locations. The game also has a first-person view option for those that prefer their zombie annihilation up-close-and-personal!

What you’re getting into:

Well-paced game modes that should ideally be enjoyed in groups, World War Z: Aftermath, is a high octane experience from the get-go. Players are assigned asks according to the level they’re playing, and should be prepared for an overwhelming volume of zombies at every turn, keeping to the film’s functionality.

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Find World War Z: Aftermath on: The Official WWZ Website | Steam | Epic Games | Google Stadia

7. Days Gone

9/10 on Steam

A massively open-world survival game, Days Gone offers players the opportunity to slum it out in a post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest, equipped with a motorcycle that needs to be refueled and maintained. You take control of Deacon St. John, a former outlaw that hustles as a bounty hunter in the overridden wilderness. Zombies may arrive in small groups, or swarm in hordes, and players have a wide variety of options when it comes to their gameplay. You can choose to battle the infested head-on or take a stealthier, more organized approach. NPC interactions are interesting, and apart from simply riding around taking out zombies, you also have to gang hideouts to clear and hostages to rescue, making for a very unique zombie game experience!

What you’re getting into:

Nothing you can’t handle! And we mean this in the best of ways. Days Gone plays out like a film and is paced well for players to pick up and adapt playstyles throughout. With an open-world to explore and a well-crafted story and world that unravels well as you get on with the game, Days Gone is a highly enjoyable break from the usual zombie survival shooter, or rather, it is up to you to decide if today’s the day you take that horde-infested cabin down!

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Find Days Gone on: Steam | PlayStation | Epic Games

8. State of Decay 2

9/10 on Steam

Centered around rebuilding a community after the outbreak of a zombie virus, State of Decay 2 (2018) follows the outline of its 2013 predecessor, with players having to primarily manage resources and defend their newly-built homestead from zombies. Build your base and improve it, scavenge and defend yourself and those under your protection, survive and try your best to prosper! The game rewards strategy over quick-action, making it so that you will likely rack up hours of gameplay before you’re even slightly satisfied with the progress you’ve made. The grind is all the more enjoyable with friends!

What you’re getting into:

A third-person survival game that blends management and strategy with combat and defense, with interesting NPC interactions and activities, and somewhat challenging management systems. It has a more arcade-like feel but promises an enjoyable and unique playthrough every time.

Find State of Decay 2 on: The Official State of Decay Website | Steam | Xbox

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