Ticket Fairy: An Event Promoter’s Platform

To event promoters, a ticketing platform that is single-handedly able to streamline payment processes and management tools, all the while collecting hard data to inform their marketing efforts is a dream. But what if we told you that it’s possible? With Ticket Fairy’s comprehensive ticketing system, event promoters can have their cake and eat it too. Ticket Fairy is an all-in-one event ticketing system that allows promoters access to advanced ticketing, marketing, and CRM (customer relationship management) tools.

As promoters, there are so many different aspects of event creation and management that you have to consider in addition to planning the promotional strategies that ensure event success and attendee satisfaction. Ticket Fairy is the ticketing platform that will support all your planning and promotional goals while generating revenue. It’s an easy solution and process that will help promoters achieve their event goals, so let’s understand why exactly Ticket Fairy is a ticketing platform promoters can’t skip over.

All the Tools that Every Event Promoter Will Need in One Ticketing Platform

We’ve mentioned it before but we can’t stress it enough—Ticket Fairy is THE event ticketing platform that is basically programmed to allow promoters access to essential hard data that can be used to create more effective marketing strategies that will reach targeted audiences and increase their ROI. Additionally, Ticket Fairy is a ticketing management system that will seamlessly process and manage payments through secure methods that protect ticket buyers against fraud and scalpers. Everything that you will need for your event management and promotion is streamlined in one smart solution.

When you invest in a system such as Ticket Fairy that provides you with the tools to succeed, you will:

  • Manage your event through a fully integrated system: With every tool you need to process your ticket payments, read marketing data, and interact with/reward your ticket buyers (more about this later) all in one place, event management and promotion will be a breeze. Ticket Fairy’s ticketing platform is an all-in-one solution for all your ticketing needs, saving time on your part and creating easier ways to manage and promote your event.
  • Create effective marketing strategies: The data collected by Ticket Fairy’s software will allow you insight into customer and audience interests and activities. You’ll understand your target audience better which means you’ll be able to create effective marketing strategies that will reach the audience that matters to you and your event.
  • Increase your marketing ROI: Through Ticket Fairy’s comprehensive ticketing software, event promoters will see an increase in their marketing ROI. The data that Ticket Fairy’s system collects such as demographics and device analytics will allow promoters to leverage this information to even predict the next actions of their prospective attendees. Detailed information means better planning and guaranteed results that satisfy you and your event attendees.
  • Give your prospective ticket buyers a better experience: As mentioned, you’ll have access to detailed data on your audiences. When you tailor your marketing efforts to your target audience’s interests, demographics, and more, they’ll more likely click on that registration button and want to attend your event. It’s all about personalization and when your prospective attendees experience an easy ticketing navigation system, you will see positive results.
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The Tools that Only Ticket Fairy Can Offer Event Promoters

Now that you understand that Ticket Fairy’s comprehensive ticketing system puts promoters first, you’re probably wondering about the unique tools that they have to offer you. As mentioned, Ticket Fairy is an all-in-one ticketing solution that will help promoters plan and promote their events more efficiently and effectively. Let’s take a look at the tools and unique features that Ticket Fairy has to offer.

  • An Event Ticketing Platform to Help You Create A Unique and Personalized Event Ticketing Site: Ticket Fairy is an event ticketing software with unique features to help you create your own unique event ticketing site. With an event ticketing site for each specific event that you create, you’ll have a way to promote your event and redirect your site visitors anywhere you deem important. Additionally, you’ll be able to tailor your event site to your theme and other aspects that make your event different and a must-attend! For tips on creating an event site that will stun your site visitors, take a look at “The Essentials Of Creating A Stunning Event Page.
  • Comprehensive Information on Your Audience to Inform Your Marketing Efforts: Ticket Fairy is also a promoter’s tool, collecting hard data on your audiences such as personalized demographics, geographics, device analytics, and more. With this information, promoters are able to figure out who their target audiences are and created targeted campaigns that ensure results and revenue.
  • A Way to Optimize Your Site Based On Audience Demographics and Devices: With Ticket Fairy, you will also have the ability to optimize your event site based on your target audience’s demographics such as language, location, and even the device that they are using to increase conversions. Through pixel integrations, you can even track your exact ROI and find out what ads and such are driving ticket sales.
  • A Referral System that Will Keep Your Ticket Buyers Coming Back: Ticket Fairy is also one of the only event ticketing platforms that have a referral system. Incentivize your ticket buyers to spread the word about your event. Through word-of-mouth marketing, you’ll see an increase in your ticket sales while also rewarding your most loyal attendees.

A smart and unique event ticketing system such as Ticket Fairy puts promoters first. You’ll find ways that will easily allow you to promote your events and you will see the results instantaneously. So what are you waiting for? Book a demo call today!

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