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Little Rock Bar & Nightclub phone number: +64 3-546 6630

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If you're looking for a night out in Nelson, New Zealand, look no further than the Little Rock Bar & Nightclub. This lively venue is the perfect place to let your hair down and dance the night away with both locals and tourists alike. With its unique atmosphere and top-notch entertainment, it's no wonder that Little Rock Bar & Nightclub has become a must-visit destination for those seeking a memorable night out in Nelson.

Located in the heart of Nelson's bustling city centre, Little Rock Bar & Nightclub offers an eclectic mix of events catering to all tastes. From live music performances to DJ sets and themed nights, there's always something happening at this vibrant venue. The interior of Little Rock Bar & Nightclub is just as exciting as its event line-up - think funky décor, neon lights and an inviting dance floor that beckons you to bust a move.

Over the years, Little Rock Bar & Nightclub has played host to an impressive array of musical talent from both commercial and underground scenes. For example, Kiwi favourites like The Black Seeds have graced the stage at this iconic venue. Additionally, local bands such as The Broccoli Brothers have also had the pleasure of performing at Little Rock Bar & Nightclub – showcasing not only established artists but also supporting up-and-coming talent.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself rubbing shoulders with fellow music enthusiasts while enjoying some of the best live acts New Zealand has to offer. With its intimate setting and friendly atmosphere, Little Rock Bar & Nightclub provides the perfect environment for discovering new favourite artists or simply enjoying a fantastic night out with friends.

If you're feeling peckish during your visit to Little Rock Bar & Nightclub, you'll be pleased to know that they serve delicious bar snacks perfect for satisfying those late-night cravings. While they may not offer a full dining experience, their tasty nibbles are just what you need to keep your energy levels up for a night of dancing and socialising.

One of the standout features of Little Rock Bar & Nightclub is its commitment to providing top-quality entertainment. The venue regularly hosts themed nights, such as 80s or 90s parties, which are always a hit with patrons. These events offer the perfect opportunity to don your best retro attire and dance the night away to some classic tunes.

Of course, no visit to Little Rock Bar & Nightclub would be complete without experiencing one of their legendary DJ sets. The venue has welcomed an assortment of talented DJs over the years, spinning everything from house and techno to hip-hop and reggae. Whether you're a fan of electronic beats or prefer something a little more laid-back, there's sure to be a DJ set at Little Rock Bar & Nightclub that suits your musical preferences.

In summary, Little Rock Bar & Nightclub is an essential stop on any Nelson night out itinerary. With its unique atmosphere, diverse range of events and stellar line-up of past performers, this vibrant venue offers something for everyone – both tourists and locals alike. So why not check out what's happening at Little Rock Bar & Nightclub during your next visit to Nelson? You won't be disappointed!